Wand and Stick Cat Toys

Wand and Stick Cat Toys

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    When it's time to play, you can help get your cat active with the inviting wand or feather cat toy. At Goofy Tails, we have a selection of cat wands for kitties of all ages and stages, with loads of playful features.

    The best cat wand for your cat will be one that captures their unique spirit of play and helps them embrace their natural instincts. Your cat can really shine with a cat chaser toy or maybe a tinsel wand will be the key to their imagination.

    Designed to mimic real fluttering prey, the Feather Cat Wand helps your cat enjoy the flying experience of a lifetime. A cat teaser can have different styles of cat stick attachments to captivate your cat and your cat can jump to catch it when you move it. Your pet may like to play with a cat wand toy that has a mouse at the end of the row or a colorful cat wand that might catch their attention.

    Help keep your cat entertained with our wide selection of wand toys and cat chasers, which come in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes to help keep even the most restless of cats entertained. And many of these toys are designed for easy and compact storage.

    One type of toy that cats can't refuse is cat hunting toys and trailers. Cat toys are a great way to keep your cat happy, alert and active. Demo toys tease your cat into play by looking like her natural prayer or stimulating her with quick jump ropes. Feather toys are great because your cat can play with them on their own. The best cat toy for your cat depends on her personal preferences. Your cat may prefer the feel of feathers or noisy cat toys. Demo toys usually work by attaching the toy to the end of a long rod with a string. This allows you to whip the toy and bounce it in front of your cat's paws as she jumps and dances to try and catch her praying. Catnip toys work especially well. Find the best toys for your cuddly kitty at Goofy Tails and make sure your feline friend has the best in animal play. You can make playtime fun for your creative kitty with interactive cat toys that cater to her interests. A cat scratcher helps curb your cat's natural need to scratch while saving your home's furnishings. Cat balls and chasers are great for cats whose primary need is to hunt and chase. Plush cat toys are great for kitties who like to cuddle to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and interactive toys help stimulate your feline friend's mind.

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