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    3 products
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    Shampoo for dogs (7168187760790)
    Acacia and Berry Shampoo with Conditioner for Dogs & Puppy
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    In Hot and Humid conditions  - tick, flea, mites and maggots can cause great harm to your pet’s health. Goofy Tails has effective and herbal tick flea sprays, shampoos, grooming gear and furniture sprays.  For example our 6 in 1 Tick and Flea spray is made from a herbal formula , which is safe for the kids and humans. The herbal formula is safe for your pet. Not only on your pet , the spray can be used on furniture and living spaces. Our Tick and Flea suite of products has

    We have products like Fiprofort Spot On, Herbal 6 in 1 formula, and Floor Sprays . 

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