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We as humans really enjoy diversity with food, Kabir from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani put it quite well when he said, "life mein thoda bohot keema pav, tangdi kebab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye na?",

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He truly wasn't wrong. Just like us, our furry friends appreciate a variety of tastes and palates paired with their boring old kibble, and although we can't provide them with the foods Kabir listed we can definitely top their diet games with dog food mixers or meal toppers. 

At this point, I'm sure you must be wondering, what are meal toppers for dogs? 

Meal Topper

Dog food toppers are often meant to be given as a treat or to supplement the dog's diet, while there is no exact description of what they are. They are normally designed to be put to your dog's food, which is typically dry food or kibble. They usually consist of a varying mixture of things such as cuts of cooked meat, sauces, broths and vegetables which tend to provide a nutritional boost. 

A lot of times we as pet parents wonder whether investing in things that we aren't really accustomed to providing to our dogs is really that necessary for their wellbeing, but as a fellow pet parent it is my absolute duty to tell you that meal toppers aren't just an online gimmick. They are known for various reasons, some of which I'd like to highlight for you : 

  • Increased hydration provided with dry kibble when giving a wet topper such as bone broth.

  • Improved nutrition based on its specific ingredients such as minerals and vitamins that your dog's regular food fails to supply.

  • Extra enticing for finicky eaters since they have the ability to please the canine palate.

  • Toppers make regular kibble taste good, which actually increases the volume of regular kibble your dog can consume. This is especially helpful if they need a certain level of nourishment due to a medical condition

    Goofy Tails Meal Topper For Dogs

Now that you know of the very eye-catching benefits of using a dog food topper, let me tell you how you can source it. But, before that, It is imperative to know that there are different types of meal toppers, the most common being liquid, mixers, gravy, dry or even powder! 

My favourite ones or rather my pup's favourites are liquid, gravy, and dry!

DIY meal toppers

Keep in mind, this can be varying for each and every pet. 

Keeping the most common ones in mind, We would be happy to present you with some viable options of meal toppers available on our website. 


Goofy Tails Healthy Meals For Dogs

However, it is totally understandable if you'd like to DIY a meal topper yourself, there is no shame in that! I personally understand how that might feel and so, let me detail a few of my favourite (or again, my pup's favourite) easy and nutritional meal toppers you can find your way around at home.

You could use single-ingredient toppers with the stuff easily available at home such as : 

  • Blueberries
  • Bananas + Apples 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Chicken / Buff / Fish Jerkies
  • Unsalted, Unsweetened Pet Friendly Peanut Butter 

Or, if you're feeling Master Chef for your furry baby, you could try to DIY some fresh bone broth by simmering animal bones with pumpkin & carrots! 

At the end of the day, meal toppers for a dog are a must-have, they are the most convenient and easily available step to include in a pupper's diet. So now, use these ideas as per your discretion but do keep in mind, a single thing in itself may not appeal to your dog, keep experimenting to find what they really enjoy after consulting your vet, to discover what really is their equivalent of 'hakka noodle' or 'tangdi kabab.'


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Author - Praguni Kumar 
Pet Parent of Charlie @charlie_the_lil_tzu


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