Why Cat toys are very different to dog toys?

Cat toys are very different to dog toys , cats are very moody pets ! How does one engage them ? What is a catnip or silvervine ? Why do they get attracted to them 

They say that in the world of pet lovers there are two kinds of people, the dog people and the cat people. Canins and feline are very different in their personalities; behaviour and individual requirements, dogs and cats come with quite a few differences including their choice of toys

Dogs prefer toys with games and exercises, so toys that require running, chasing, or tugging are the best toys for them. Cats like movement so the toy must be one that can move in rapid and unpredictable ways, just like a mouse or bird. Toys that reflect light or appear to change in some way are particularly attractive. Cats also like toys with different textures that are around the size of their natural prey (such as mice).

What Kind of toys Cats like- It’s well established that household items are a cat's best friend. Some cats will play with anything. Cardboard boxes are a popular However, it’s important you always have cat toys that are made specifically for cats. There are lot of household items that cats find interesting but as cat owners you need to be careful about ribbons, sharp objects like dental floss and paper pins . Cats can ingest these things and it can cause an abrasion in their stomach.

Five Cat toys that you should buy

Catnip- Catnip is a perennial herb from mint family. Sniffing this herb makes canine calm and gives them a sense of euphoria. Catnip can be irresistible for many cats. Lot of Cat toys use this herb in the stuffed cat toys to make them more playful and likeable for cats. Even though it can stimulate a sense of euphoria in cats, making some slightly sedated and others hyperactive experts believe that it is not addictive or harmful for your cat.


Chasing & Scratching Cat Toy-This toy provides a running mouse and a scratching pad. It makes the perfect stationery toy to keep a cat's attention rapt. Catching the mouse toy helps stimulate natural hunting instincts and keep any cat engaged in active play. The toy is also great for interactive play, for those pet parents that want to facilitate play by catching the mouse around the toy to their cat.

Cat Tunnel-From simple one-way tunnels, to tunnels linked up in multiple directions, this type of cat toy adds a new thoroughfare for the Cats. Cat tunnels stimulate some of the same types of play your cat might enjoy from an empty cardboard box but are more delightful to have out in your house — a treat for kitty, and a treat for you!

Wands-Feathers or plush toys suspended at the end of a string attached to a pole are just a few variations on this classic cat toy. The interactive nature of the fishing toy makes it an ideal way to bond with your cat. Pull the wand slowly on the ground and see your cat chase it. This is equivalent of playing fetch and give with dogs. It can be a great exercise for Cat parents!

Mice prey toys- Toy mice are a classic for cats — and with good reason! Whether in bright or more natural colours, catnip filled or not, toy mice come in a diversity of designs and your cat will enjoy hunting her “prey” under furniture and around your house.If a cat toy is just sitting on the floor, your cat will most likely just swat at it for a little while before losing interest. But if it moves on its own, then kitty’s innate hunting skills will kick in, and it’ll turn into a, well, a cat-and-mouse game. A battery-powered mouse than can scoot around on its own will tap into your cat’s instincts and provide it with endless fun. Extra points if it squeaks as well.

Cats are playful in nature. Whether it’s playing with a simple string, fuzzy balls or a feather on a stick, kitties need stimulation. Energetic at heart, felines need to find playthings they enjoy.

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