Which of These Small Canine Types Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for stylish small canine breeds, this list is a great place to start. Don’t forget, still, there’s a lot to consider when picking the right canine for your family, so if you’re not sure that you’ve planted your perfect match, that’s OK. You might continue exploring small canine types or perhaps transition your hunt specifically to the stylish dogs for apartments or the most trainable dogs.

Stylish Small Canine Breeds

Whether you’re looking for a little canine because you live in an apartment, you want a canine to snuggle in your lap, or you need a particular breed that’s hypoallergenic, we've no doubt there’s a small canine breed out there for you.

Let’s dig in …

1. Affenpinscher

Personality: Affenpinschers are curious, loyal, and fun.

Size: These are toy-sized doggies – they generally don’t get bigger than 10 pounds.

Fun fact: Due to their appearance, Affenpinschers are occasionally pertained to hypocritically as “ monkey dogs.” They’re also likened to ewoks (from Star Wars).

Great for: Affenpinschers are great apartment pooches, as well as a great hypoallergenic breed. Although they can get along with other dogs, they don't always do well with lower creatures like hamsters, ferrets, or other rodent- type creatures.

2. Bichon Frise

Personality: Bichons are happy, sportful, and adaptable. These small dogs are known as popular companions, but also can be excellent watchdogs.

Size: Similar to the Affenpinscher, Bichons are also a toy breed type. These dogs, still, generally weigh under 20 pounds.

Fun fact: The Bichon Frise has been a companion canine to French, Spanish, and Italian royalty throughout history.

Great for: Bichons are one of the most different small canine types. These are great megacity dogs, great apartment dogs, and a great hypoallergenic breed. In general, Bichons are excellent companions and can get on well with children and other dogs.

3. Boston Terrier

Personality: Boston Terriers are a friendly, lively, and sporty breed. Akin to the megacity Boston they were named for, Boston Terriers have an equal balance of fun, curiosity, and alertness.

Size: Boston Terriers are one of the bigger small canine types, weighing up to 25 pounds.

Fun fact: As a result of their “ tuxedo” coat fleece and polite personality, Boston Terriers have earned the surname “ the American Gentleman.”

Great for: Boston Terriers are excellent megacity Dogs – and thus, have no problem living in an apartment. They also make great companions and great family Dogs, but won’t inescapably be happy sitting around on the sofa all day.

4. Brussels Griffon

Personality: Maybe not as well-known as some of the Dogs on our list, but the Brussels Griffon is one of the lowest Dogs with the biggest personalities. These Dogs are energetic, more like a human, and indeed a little sassy.

Size: Brussels Griffon is one of the toy types; they generally weigh under 10 pounds.

Fun fact: There are two types of Brussels Griffon – those with smooth fur coats and those with rough coats. Rough-coated griffons don't exfoliate, but generally, these Dogs do have their hair cropped regularly by their proprietor or by a groomer.

If you’re looking for a constant canine companion, the Brussels Griffon is an excellent choice. This small canine type of breed can live virtually anywhere, but their perceptivity isn’t always compatible with families with youthful children.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Personality: As their eyes indicate, Cavaliers are sweet, tender, and loving. This small canine is a blend of a classic toy breed and a traditional spaniel – they’re active and delightful, but also can be impeccably happy dogs.

Size: Cavaliers can range a little in size, but generally can fall into the 13 to 20 pounds range.

Fun fact: The Cavalier is named after King Charles I of Britain – this small canine breed was one of his pets.

Great for: As long as you’re not looking for a hypoallergenic small canine, the Cavalier is one of the most versatile small types of breed. These dogs are excellent companion dogs, great for families, great in metropolises, in apartments, and in a wide variety of situations.

6. Chihuahua

Personality: One of the smallest of the small canine breeds, Chihuahuas aren't short of personality. These types of dogs are brassy, confident, and full of fun.

Size: Of all the Dogs on our list, a Chihuahua might be the bone you could call a tiny canine. This toy canine strain generally falls around six pounds.

Fun fact: Chihuahuas are one of the oldest canine breeds in the Americas – their ancestors dating back to the Toltecs in Mexico around times ago.

Great for: These small dogs with a big canine personality are well-regarded as top companion dogs, endured apartment residents, and can excel in the megacity or country. They may need special care in colder rainfall climates, but generally will be happy as long as they’re an integral part of your family life.

7. Chinese Crested

Personality: Chinese Crested are tender, sportful, and loving companions. They're happy family dogs with an unmistakable appearance.

Size: The Chinese Crested falls in the middle range of dog breeds. These dogs can weigh anywhere from about 7 to 13 pounds.

Fun fact: The Chinese Crested dogs can have no hair or can have hair – the dogs with hair are usually called “ powder-puff.”

Chinese Crested is one of the great small canine breeds for people suffering from allergies – or if you’re just looking to minimize grooming. You will, still, have to pay special attention to skincare with this canine breed. In addition, Chinese Crested are usually excellent companion canine breeds – whether for couples, families, or individuals.

8. Shih Tzu

Personality: Another canine with a history of royal fellowship, the Shih Tzu is loving, tender, and sportful – given for their dark eyes and sweet expression.

Size: Shih Tzu can range anywhere from 8 to 15 pounds.

Fun fact: The name Shih Tzu means “ captain canine” or “ little captain.”

An excellent dog to keep in your lap for any family, individual, or couple. The Shih Tzu is an ideal house companion and known to be great with children. That said, Shih Tzu is also impeccably happy to live in an apartment – as they ’are much more inclined toward inner playtime and occasional walks as opposed to further emphatic physical exertion.

9. Pug

With a suggestive face and recognizable coloring, the appearance of the Pug matches their personalities. These dogs are delightful-loving, curious, and indeed a little mischievous. There are clearly a lot of personalities involved with the Pug.

Size: One of the bigger toy-type breeds, the Pug weighs anywhere from 14 to 18 pounds and has a much more muscular figure in comparison to some of the other small canine types on our list.

Fun fact: A group of Pugs isn't pertained to as a pack, but a rumble – a rumble of Pugs.

Great for: A small canine with a big canine personality, Pugs are excellent house companions. These dogs can live in an apartment or a house, megacity or country, with children or a youthful couple; they’re truly different.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Personality: Small in size, but not in station. The Yorkie has a lot of personalities, known for the characteristics that make up a classic terrier – stalwart, contentious, determined, yet still tender.

Size: Yorkies are still a toy breed; these dogs weigh around 8-9 pounds.

Fun fact: One of the most notorious Yorkshire Terriers is Smoky, a canine who served with U.S. dog faces in World War II.

Great for: With a terrier personality and compact size, the Yorkie is an ideal megacity canine and is frequently one of the most popular tykes in some of the biggest metropolises across the theU.S. In addition, Yorkies are great trolls, excellent house companions, and (with a fleece analogous to a human hair) generally friendly for people suffering from allergies.

11. French Bulldog

Personality: The sportful and adaptable French Bulldog has exploded in fashionability in recent times. These dogs are extremely popular in major metropolises including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco due to their friendly personalities and the fact that they don’t bear too much exercise.

Size: Of all the dogs on our list of the stylish small canine types, the Frenchie is maybe one of the biggest. These dogs can reach nearly 28-32 pounds – meaning they’re clearly on the line between small dogs and medium dogs.

Fun fact: According to American Kennel Club statistics, the French Bulldog is the fourth most popular canine breed in the United States ( followed by the Bulldog, Poodle, and Beagle).

Great for As we mentioned, Frenchies are one of the stylish dogs for megacity residents and as they don’t bear a lot of exercises, they ’re also great apartment dogs. These dogs are excellent companions, happy with all family members, and they can also make unexpectedly good watch dogs.

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