Which Indian cat food is best?

Which Indian cat food is best?

There are many cat food brands in India both in wet food and dry food. The Indian cat food gives variety of meat and fish.

The average cost of a wet food pouch is Rs 70, if you are looking for a good brand and preservative free food.

Cat food pouches start from 40-50/ 100 gms. One should always read the ingredients. In a pouch of Rs 40 there are only few chunks of meat cooked in jelly based gravy which has high amount of preservatives to keep up the shelf life.

There might be shreds or small chunks of meat which is not enough for the wholesome nutrition of your cat. Some brands specify which part of the meat is provided in the pouch.

Chicken liver is one of the most popular choice of meal for cats but it is almost a delicacy in cat world. Chicken breast, ocean fish, snapper fish are some of the most popular cat food in India.

They are usually expensive and have to be stored in a cool dry place. Farmina, royal canine, kennel kitchen, Goofy tails, meat up, Purina are some of the popular brands in Indian cat food.

Goofy Tails is becoming a popular choice for a lot of pet parents since they are considered one of the most affordable brands with preservative free food for cats.

Their meal packets weigh 70 gms and a pack of five costs something between Rs300-400. Their food contains taurine which is an essential part of cat’s diet.

One of the key factors that set Goofy Tails apart from other cat food brands in India is their commitment to using only natural ingredients in their products. The brand's products are free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, which make them an ideal choice for pet parents who want to feed their cats healthy, natural food.

Additionally, the brand uses high-quality proteins such as chicken, fish, and lamb in their recipes, ensuring that cats get the essential amino acids they need to maintain their overall health.

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