We’ve found the perfect treat for your dog.

The joy of bringing home a puppy is one of those feelings that come right at the top in an animal lover’s life. To some, it is the same joy as bringing a new born baby into this world. These beautiful creatures bring so much happiness and fulfilment into our lives and teach us the meaning of unconditional love.

Naturally, the responsibility falls on us to give them the best of everything that we possibly can. Personally, every time those puppy dog eyes give me a look, I want to buy the entire world. I am sure you know how that feels. So to make your life easy, we have for you the best natural treat for your pooch — The Himalayan Yak milk treat.

 What is a Himalayan Yak Milk Treat? 

Having grown up in the northeastern part of this beautiful and diverse country, I was fortunate to trek along the states near the Himalayas. Yak Milk cheese otherwise known as ‘Churpi’ is a local staple amongst the natives and visitors alike. I grew up asking my friends from Arunachal Pradesh to get some Churpi back for me whenever possible. These smoky-tasting cheese chunks were a good time pass as they are extremely hard and take a long time to chew and suck. Each bite however, improves one’s teeth and gums. In fact, the residents of such areas would often feed them to the local dogs too. 

The Discovery

Brilliantly, it was soon discovered that these would make the perfect treat for dogs. It is made from milk but processed into a cheese which is extremely healthy for dogs. The ingredients in the ingenious treat is just yak milk, cow milk, lime

Essentially, most dogs are lactose intolerant — not a commonly known fact. However, in its raw form, it is hard to digest but once converted into these Yakkies, it becomes easy to digest. If it’s fit for human consumption and suitable to dogs, automatically it becomes one of the best natural treats to ever exist.



The importance of chew bones/ treats 

Most puppies go through a phase called teething. This is when puppies start losing their milk teeth, just like in humans, and start growing their permanent teeth. During this time — mostly 4 to 5 month old puppies — will bite anything and everything. While it is most important to teach them bite inhibition, it is imperative to provide them with good chew bones or toys and treats. This phase determines their dental care and also you would probably like to save some of your furniture. The Himalayan Yak Milk treats are natural with no preservatives. They are also very hard and strong but easy to digest and will keep your furry little creature busy for a very long time. The best part is that these yak milk bars are very protein rich and low fat while also being grain and gluten-free — making them a 360 degree treat, not just for dental care and enjoyment but complete health care too. And did I mention, they are completely vegetarian.



Keeping them busy the natural way 

How wonderful would it be if we could spend all our time with our dogs. But we’ve got to go to work; so that we can give them the best life they deserve. This is why many a times, dogs get bored and need activity to keep them occupied. Getting very bored can lead to behavioral problems. This is when a natural treat — that does not have preservatives
or even chemicals and most importantly leather hide that is used to create chew bones — are very helpful. These protein rich churpi dog treats are made from Yak milk, cow milk, lime juice and salt. They are long lasting and benefit dogs with healthier fur, better eye sight, increased energy and a happier disposition in general— making them perfect for every occasion. And Oh! They are delicious too. 

Irresistible Yak Milk puffs 

No, no, I am not talking about another product. Have you ever noticed how doggos seem to leave behind a small part of their chew bones? No matter how much you try to give them that last piece of the treat, they seem to want a new one… sigh!! Well the best part about these Himalayan bars is that the last bits/ crumbs , can be microwaved and
completely refurbished into a popcorn type treat. It totally becomes a brand new treat, I know, unbelievable. Try it and you will see what I am talking about but don’t forget to cool it for at least two minutes before giving it to the doggo. Now enjoy! 


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