Unlocking Taste, Nutrition and Rewards - Freeze Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs

Single-ingredient / combos of 2 ingredients in freeze-dried form for both dogs and cats are becoming increasingly popular among discerning pet parents. Why not? It’s a smarter and healthier choice over conventional fat-sprayed, baked, and preservative-filled treats with nasties and fillers.

Freeze-dried treats, while slightly premium in price do have multiple benefits over conventional treats. The following table will help you better understand. Here is a table of freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs over conventional soft chews or jerky treats.

Freeze-Dried Pet Treats vs Conventional Soft Chew Treats Vs Jerky Treats for Cats and Dogs


Freeze Dried




Highest nutrition. 99% is preserved as moisture is removed at low temperatures

Poorest form of nutrition with a spray of nutrition and fat.

Higher than conventional treats but since it is dehydrated under heat, nutrition is less


The original taste of meat/fruit is preserved

Taste is artificially added

Original taste is preserved but heat can damage original taste.


Easy and very light to carry. 1kg of freeze-dried has 5 kg Kcal of regular original ingredients.

Weight is higher as filled with fillers

Light weight as moisture is removed and a dehydrated product is retained

Smart Choice





What are freeze-dried treats ? How are they made ? Why are they preservative free ? Why are freeze-dried treats considered nutritious

Any piece of meat, fruit or vegetable is treated under vacuum / low pressure and temperature wherein the water is extracted by sublimation and the true original content minus the water is retained. Without water the product can last without preservatives. Water being the most significant contributor in weight / density of the product , once removed the product becomes extremely light and easy to carry. Since there is low temperature involved in the process, the bonds of the product are intact and all the nutrition is retained.

While being light on a dry basis, 1 kg of Freeze-Dried Dried = 5kg of Original Product in Kcal .

Since 99% of nutrition is retained, and generally it would be one or two ingredients that go a freeze drying process, a single ingredient makes it easy and digestible for a pet. With no artificial fillers, preservatives or sprayed nutrition - it prevents other harmful diseases packaged food over the years’ has been causing to humans and now pets.

How to use freeze dried treats ?

Freeze dried treats can be used as

  • On-the-go treats , being light and high on nutrition / calorie per gram, it helps to travel with your pet
  • As a food topper to make the food appetizing
  • As a food balancer to improve the protein, and nutrient content in the meal
  • As a reward to training and playing with treats

What are the health benefits one can expect if one switches to freeze dried treats for pets ?

Immediate benefits can be

  • Better gut health vs conventional treats as it has no nasties, no fillers and generally single ingredient
  • Better skin and coat as omega-3 Fatty Acids and micronutrients are preserved owing to a better process
  • Mobility , hips, and Joint with better macro and micro nutrition in less consumption of treats. 

So go ahead and make that smart choice as a pet parent. Switch to a smarter and better nutrition format for your pet. Reward and Nurture at the same time.

  • Always consult a vet if your pet has allergies, gut issues, pregnancy or other diseases before serving any treats or changing to a new form of food / treat
  • Always follow the feeding guide 
  • Don’t use treats as a full meal but as a topper / reward with feeding guidelines
  • Follow storage instructions for best shelf life

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