Top 5 toys for large dogs and extreme chewers

Top 5 toys for large dogs and extreme chewers

Every large dog ​​likes to play with toys. Romping, chewing and even some good old fetching. Toys are a blast for pets, but for owners, choosing the right ones can be a tough decision. Does your dog chew through toy after toy? Maybe it goes one step further and chews on your shoes or even your furniture!

Your dog will chew - it's just part of being a dog. And that's a pretty important part too! Whether it's a puppy or an adult dog, all dogs need to chew. Puppies chew when teething to relieve pain and soothe their gums, or just to explore a new world (like a baby!). They then continue into adulthood to maintain strong masticatory (chewing) muscles, clean teeth and an engaged brain. Chewing helps senior dogs deal with anxiety, frustration and boredom. In fact, it's one of three rewarding activities that help calm a hyperactive or anxious dog.


Two chewing personalities

When it comes to dogs, there are two distinct chewing personalities:

1.Gentle Chewer: These types of chews are easy on toys and rarely ever destroy them (which is always helpful). They prefer plush or cloth toys. They tend to lick or suck toys.

2.Average Chewer: That's a lot of dogs. These types of chewers play with all kinds of toys (which makes shopping a lot easier). They often carry toys with them from place to place. Plush and cloth toys are generally destructive, but rubber toys will rarely be destructive.

3.Power Chewer: These chewers are more demanding when it comes to toys. They are strong and destructive when chewing. These types of chewers need durable and interactive toys made of solid rubber. 

Best toys for our Power Chewers

If you have a Power Chewer, it sounds like your dog is the perfect candidate for a chew toy. These tough toys are designed to keep even the most aggressive dogs entertained for hours, without breaking.

  1. Kong Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is an action toy that is a mentally stimulating food dispenser. The KONG-shaped toy sits upright until poked by a dog's paw or snout, and dispenses tasty rewards as it rocks, spins and rolls. Unpredictable movement stimulates natural instincts that hinder even the most experienced users. The KONG Wobbler can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help extend meal times while providing exercise for your dog. Trying to get your dog to shed a few unwanted pounds? The KONG Wobbler is a great way to keep dogs moving while getting them to work on their food. Unscrews for easy filling and cleaning. Use a large wobbler for medium to large dogs

  1. Chew Bone Toy

Give your pup happy play and happy teeth with Goofy Tails indestructible dog chews. Perfect for those extra-aggressive chewers, our new chew toy provides a fun and safe alternative to bars, shoes and even your furniture! Made to look like real bone, you'll love the positive association training that helps reduce destructive anxiety and boredom in your fur babies

  1. Squeaky Stick Rubber Chew Toy

Goofy Tails Super Squeaky Rubber Dog Chew Toy: - The stick-shaped chew toy is made of non-toxic rubber. It squeals loudly every time your dog puts it in its mouth or paw. Most dogs love to chew on the irregular surface of the toy, which prevents boredom and also massages the teeth and gums. A stick-shaped chew toy made of high-quality rubber that will keep your dog entertained for hours.

Keep your pet busy with this bright squeaky stick that they'll love to chew on for hours. The stick can be used for play and to prevent separation anxiety. It satisfies your dog's natural instinct to bite and chew while helping to reduce plaque and tartar.

  1. Natural Rubber Ball

The Goofy Tails Extreme Natural Rubber Dog Ball is perfect for all dog breeds. This chew ball will encourage your dog to run, fetch and exercise to keep him happy and healthy. Healthy chew and durable dog ball toys are made of durable non-toxic material, so they are safe for your dog. This Solid Ball has a classic design that belongs in every dog's toy box. Its size and durable construction make it ideal for long-distance casting. We recommend that you supervise your pet during the game.

  1. Wooden Dumbbell Training Chew Toy

Turn your dog's favorite game into a healthy advantage. The Goofy Tails Wooden Dumbbell Dog Toy (Large) is ideal for use in recovery training. The dumbbell is a heavy toy that can withstand all kinds of throwing and is particularly durable. The best toy for your solid wood pet that can be thrown because it is impact resistant. They are the perfect exercise, clean your teeth and exercise your jaw.


Toys to Avoid For a Heavy Chewer


1. Avoid Plush and Stuffed Toys
Make sure to avoid plush toys or toys made of plush material. Yes, they're certainly cute and often very cheap, but there's a reason - they're eaten (hopefully not literally!) for breakfast by a vigorously chewing lab. Their shelf life is almost zero if you have a strong chewer. Also from a safety point of view, plush toys are a no-no, as an aggressive chewer can easily swallow the stuffing. They tread even more carefully with squeaky toys - there is a clear danger of suffocation if the toys are spread out.


2. Vinyl and Latex Don’t Make the Grade Either
Although vinyl is slightly harder than latex, we wouldn't consider either material durable enough to withstand hard-chewing labs. They are often stuffed squeakers, too, so if your Lab chews on them, keep a close eye on them so they don't come loose from the toy.



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