Tips To Remember When Buying Treats & Food For Dogs

The pet care industry has quadrupled in size over the years, everyone wants to ensure that their furry friend gets nothing but the very best. I get it, as a pet parent, I relate to that quite a lot myself, and I am sure so do you. It is overwhelming to search through dozens of products that are out there to pick and choose from because you see, there are just way too many choices out there. So, to make the process of buying food and treats for your dog relatively easier, I have curated a list of tips and tricks along with some of my favorite recommendations that you as a pet parent should keep in mind.

Treats & Food For Dogs (A labra Dog with bowl)
1. Buy food products keeping in mind your furry beast’s age and medical history: Due to their rapid rate of growth, puppies need treats that are relatively higher in calories than adult dogs. According to studies, senior dogs cannot digest proteins and fat as well as they could when they were younger. Make sure you visit the vet if your dog has a medical history so they can advise you on the best diet for them. Similar to humans, dogs may have dietary restrictions based on their health and may react negatively to certain ingredients that are unfamiliar to their bodies. Consulting your veterinarian will help you decide what ingredients to feed and what not to feed your pet.

2. The ingredients: One of the most crucial factors to take into account when buying dog treats and food is the ingredient. Treats have a significant impact on your pet's diet. Select all-natural treats. Additionally, foods with few ingredients are preferable because they don't contain any extra or pointless fillers. Some dog treats contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your pet's health. Even though they might not be noticeable right away, they can eventually lead to chronic health problems. Dog owners should steer clear of treats if they contain any of the following ingredients:
    • Preservatives: These go without saying, they are equally bad for our pets as they are for us.
    • Chemical Humectants: These can often result in digestive issues and in the intestines, however natural humectants aren’t necessarily bad.
    • Artificial Colouring: These usually serve little to no purpose and are used to appeal to pet parents, they are sometimes found to be harmful.
    • Synthetic Sweeteners: Added to enhance taste, they are likely to cause a multitude of health problems such as tooth decay, digestive issues and obesity.

    dog treats for puppies

    A safe option to feed your dogs could be the Goofy Tails Lamb and Pumpkin Fresh Food for Dogs, it is made with natural, human-grade ingredients keeping in mind the nutritious value along with its easy and ready to eat nature.

    3. Caloric and Nutritious Content: You should give your dog treats for puppies that are a healthy part of its regular diet, whether you're using them as a sign of affection or as a part of a reward-based training programme. Pet parents should be aware that even small amounts, like those found in treats, can consume too many of your dog's daily calories and quickly add up to extra weight. Generally speaking, treats shouldn't account for more than 10% of a dog's daily caloric intake; it's preferable to select treats that make it clear how many calories each treat contains.

    An advisable treat option that is both balanced and healthy is definitely the Goofy Tails Chicken Fruit Cube Treats for Dogs, they are guilt-free treats that your furry beast can snack on in between meals or relish as rewards.

    fruit cube treats for dogs

    4. Size & texture: Pet parents should take care when providing their dogs treats. The size of the treat should be appropriate for your dog's size; very small dogs shouldn't have large treats, and large dogs shouldn't have very small treats, either. In addition, the texture of the treat is important. Treats that are a little firm and hard will benefit your dog's oral health by preventing the build-up of plaque and tartar. Long-lasting treats will ensure that your pet gnaws at them for a longer period of time, which may cause tooth scraping. However, if you have an older dog, give him softer treats to ease the strain on his deteriorating teeth.

    It is imperative you choose food and treats as per these requirements and pointers mentioned above, explore with products available online but make sure what you opt for is natural and healthy.

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