The best gift guide for dog lovers and cat lovers

Have you ever had that one friend in your life that loves nothing or no one on this planet more than their beloved pet? Have you also been stumped about what to gift them when their birthday comes around because literally the only thing that they love and want constantly is their furry friend? I know how you feel, when the time comes, you are stuck for hours at the end trying to brainstorm what can you gift them that they would really appreciate. It is a task to find something for them, but worry not, you are in the right place. The following is an extensive gift guide that any pet parent would absolutely die for! (P.S - can someone please forward this to my friends because these gifts would be the way to my heart, and my best friend, Charlie’s)
Dog and cat with gifts

1. Goofy Box for Dogs with Personalized Portrait | Customized and Curated Supplies for Dogs 8 item equals to 1 box: Trust me, the way to our hearts is some pawdorable that our puppers can enjoy just as much as we can. This box is curated wonderland full of pet goodies, treats, supplies, and drumroll please… a personalized portrait! The personalised portrait holds a maximum value of Rs. 1000, however, that as a gift in my heart would be invaluable. As and when you provide specifics about the dog along with a high resolution picture of them, the portrait making process will begin. Apart from the portrait which as you might be able to is my favourite feature, the Goofy Box also contains:

i)  Fashion accessories such as a bow and bandana as per the customer’s preference and breed of the furry beast
ii) Toys ranging from chew toys, plush toys, rubber toys or even treat dispensing toys
iii) Grooming accessories including an Acacia & Berry Shampoo along with a pack of wet wipes
iv) Drool-worthy treats and biscuits

Overall, this box is a wonderful gift for a dog lover for which the gift receiver and their little pupper will always be thankful to you. It really doesn’t get better than this surprise hamper!

goofy tails gift box for dog

2. Goofy Box for Cats and Kittens with Portrait | Personalised Curated Supplies and Personalised Portrait: Much like the Goofy Box for dogs, this box for cats too has a multitude of factors that would appeal to a pet parent. However, another added benefit to this box is that by purchasing it you will be helping the Goofy Tails team in vaccinating 2 stray animals. Isn’t that absolutely ground-breaking?! This curated gift box consists of some really cool items such as:

i)  The renowned personal portrait
ii)  A stunning 3 in 1 fashionable bow set
iii)  1 rattle toy along with 1 pawdorable cat nip toy
iv)  A much-needed pack of wet wipes
v)  And, not one, but two 40 grams cat treats

This box of curated goodness is made with love to best suit the little, lucky furball whose pet parent will receive it. This is the best way to impress a cat parent truly.
3. Customized Dog Premium Harnesses by Goofy Tails Custom No Pull Harness with Name with Adjustable Neck and Chest: This no pull harness ensures endless yet safe fun for the pet lover and the receiving pet. It has fluorescent straps in the front for higher visibility in dark, coupled with a spongy, soft and breathable mesh that allows for ultimate comfort. It is made out of premium nylon making it robust against wear and a padded sturdy handle. This gift not only keeps in mind the pet’s comfort and safety but also the pet parent’s usability. It is like the best of both worlds! You really cannot top a personalised, sturdy and extremely useful harness like such when you are looking for a present to wow your pet parent friends.

You see, picking a gift out for a pet lover really isn’t that hard, the way to their pet’s hearts is also the way to their hearts (Trust me, I would know). As a pet parent, I guarantee there are no other gifts that could make our pet lover friends and their furry friends feel as though they are on top of the world.

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