Taking Care of your Pets in the Middle of a Pandemic

We live in uncertain times. The corona virus pandemic has more or less brought our lives to a standstill. During such times, it is extremely important to keep oneself healthy — not just physically but also mentally. We should thank our stars for our fur babies who continue to bring joy into our lives in such dark times. 

They remind us of love, kindness, playfulness and most importantly happiness, even in the gloomiest of days. This is why it is of utmost importance that we continue to take care of our babies amidst the lockdown and restrictions and all the hardships that we are going through as a world. 

First and foremost it is important to remember that there is no scientific proof that our pets can carry Covid-19. There are many organizations working tirelessly to spread this information out to all pet owners. Read https://www.icam-coalition.org/icam-statement-on-covid-19/ for more information. Vet services and animal food supplies also fall under essential services but you should keep a healthy stock of all your pet supplies

Now while we have the essentials, we have to remember that just like the pandemic is having an affect on our mental health, our fur babies need to be looked after too.

While the good news is that you get a lot more time to spend with your pet, it is important to also stimulate them and keep their minds active. Entertaining your cat is in many ways simpler. A simple thing such as a LED pen can keep your cat busy and you entertained for hours.


 Cat Scratcher and Lounger

Also a lounge scratcher is a great item to keep your furniture out of harms way. Cats also like to climb a lot and a good indoor cat tree will keep your feline friend quite satisfied. (https://www.amazon.in/Goofy-Tails-Cat-Tree-Mushroom/dp/B0BMFMMLV6/). Personally, I love a ball board game tower sort of thing, that makes them feel like they are using their paws for destroying so they don’t have to go after my cutlery —

                                                Cat Interactive Toys

Of course, you can also create an obstacle race for your cats and dogs, just like the ones that are trending online at the moment, and have some social media fun of your own.

Keeping your pooch stimulated on the other hand takes a little bit of an effort. They are after all babies on four legs and require constant attention and stimulation. This is where toys such as Monster treat dispensing toy comes into the picture.

These toys stimulate your doggo as they try to find their treat. It combines both play time and treat time. It also helps us humans from not over-treating to compensate for our doggies being bored. Such toys are also great for aggressive chewers because of the superior quality of the toy that is soft on our pooch but doesn’t get destroyed easily.


Even after all the obstacle courses and belly rubs and innumerable videos, doggies need their alone time with their chew toys. While smaller puppies are easily occupied with an all-natural Himalayan Yak Milk treat, you may need something more butch for your bigger more aggressive dog. A flavoured bone that doesn’t destroy easily comes in extremely handy at such times.


Besides keeping our fur babies busy with toys and such, it is also a good idea to teach them some new tips and tricks. This is a good way to spend time with them and also stimulate them. How about teaching them to drop dead when being shot? Even better, a dance routine maybe? Also, since going out is a task nowadays, smaller dogs can be re potty-trained to go on a potty pad.


The pandemic has in fact given a lot of time to people to get a new puppy home. Remember, this new addition is a part of the family and a responsibility for a lifetime. New puppies need a lot of attention and a whole lot of love. They also require a lot of potty training and using products such as potty training pads are a good way to start.

As we settle down in the new normal, summer has also descended upon us with renewed vigour. We have to keep an extremely close look on our pets during such a time. Most of the times we don’t realize how much the heat affects our fur babies. Get a better understanding of dehydration of your pets (Are your pets drinking enough water? What are the signs of dehydration and what you can do about it?). It is of utmost importance to keep fresh bowls of water around the house for both cats and dogs. We sometimes have to nudge them to drink water. What would be even better is making drinking water a fun activity by getting them a pet water fountain. Running water is the most attractive thing to both cats and dogs. Instinctively, they gravitate towards running water and this helps them keep hydrated.


Overall, the world is reeling from a deadly pandemic. What we all need is the unconditional love our four-legged companions provide us and more importantly, the comic relief in a year that seems almost apocalyptic. In return, what we can do is, like always, shower them with love and comfort and the many many belly rubs.


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