Smart Interactive Cat toys by Goofy Tails

Cats are athletic creatures with amazing strength and agility. Nature has made them perfect jumping, leaping, and dashing machines. Just because your house cat doesn't have real prey to chase doesn't mean it can't show off its inner predator.

Even though your cat probably doesn't need to forage, they still need an outlet for that unspent energy. A great way to burn off that extra energy is through play such as scratching, chasing, and jumping.

Smart Interactive Cat toys by Goofy Tails  Best cat toys

Toys and regular play are great for bonding and providing a stimulating environment that keeps your cat happy and healthy. Cats are experts at entertaining. It takes very little — a crumpled ball of paper, a pen left on the table, or newspaper spread out on the floor — to engage your cat in the game they find most fascinating.

Your cat's imagination can turn almost anything into a wonderful toy to play with or chase at will. Cats usually prefer to play with small, light objects that "go around" like a cork or a ping-pong ball that they can slap and then chase. Interactive games help satisfy your cat's need for metallic stimulation and enrichment.

GoofyTails has introduced 2 new smart toys for cats. We are using smart technology to promote good communication and bonding between pets and their family members and build a new human-pet relationship.

  1. Smart Ball Interactive Toy for Cats and Kittens | 360° Automatic Rotating Cat Toy Ball

    cat ball toys

    GoofyTails interactive toy for cats is made of safe and durable ABS / Rubber material. The LED light attracts the cat's attention, helps your cat exercise and reduces pet boredom and depression. Gives your cat a long play time, automatically turns on and rolls for 5 minutes, switches to standby mode and reactivates movement when touched. Thanks to the shape of the ball and the self-balancing system, the ball will automatically change direction when it collides with walls, chairs, doors, etc.
    It comes with a USB charging cable, so charging is convenient. Charging for 1.5 hours can provide 3.5 hours of playback. A full charge requires 3 hours, which means a playback time of just under 8 hours. This automatic smart cat ball toy is best cat toys and its easy to assemble and carry when you go out and travel.

  2. Automatic Laser Interactive Toy for Cats and Kittens | Training and Exercise Cat Toy

    Automatic Laser Toys  Interactive Toy for Cats and Kittens

    The interactive cat laser toy keeps your cat in contact with the uniquely shaped pointer. This stylish toy will give your cat much-needed healthy exercise and look like an elegant decorative addition to the home. This laser cat toy is uniquely designed to entertain your cats. Appeal to your cat's natural hunting instinct with a specially designed rotating laser beam that moves randomly across the floor. This automatic cat toy is battery-operated, plug-free and designed to reduce the risk of tripping. The automatic shut-off feature after 15 minutes prevents your cat from getting too excited and keeps the game engaging.
    Based on the play area, place the automatic cat toy in height. Fast/slow/spot mode is suitable for different preferences of pets. Auto-rotating laser toys create a unique and mysterious experience for challenging hunting with one button. The rotating automatic cat laser are best cat playing toys and it can randomly move anywhere, attracting cats to instinctively chase. Five angles to set five sizes of movement trajectory, silent motor and moderate rotation speed. Your cat will have more fun with this toy
    The toy supports USB cable charging and supports AA x 4 batteries.

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