Should You Buy A Rabbit?

Rabbits make for unique pets. They are not like cats and dogs, and require a completely different form of care. If you are planning to visit the online pet shops in Delhi (or whatever city it is that you reside in) to get yourself a bunny friend, there are some things that you need to be aware of, before you make your decision. 

The Food

While it is a well-known fact that commercial food from a good company is best suited for your pets, people many times insist on feeding their puppies and kittens homemade food.

While this practice is fine for breeders, a good way to ensure that your pets get the maximum nutrition they require is to buy good quality food. However, in case of bunnies, buying rabbit food from a good online pet shop is of prime importance, for lack of proper nutrition can lead to a number of medical conditions in rabbits, like the shutting down of the intestinal tract. 

The Company 

Rabbits are social animals and should not be brought to a home where they will have to stay alone for most of the day. If your rabbit will be alone, you need to consider buying a pair, to keep each other company. Just make sure you get them spayed and neutered. You need to be able to spend some time with your bunny to bond. A number of online pet accessories shops in India will be able to sell you toys like building blocks and plastic baby keys are a good way to enjoy with your bunny. 


Rabbits keep themselves clean mostly; however, they still require regular grooming. Rabbits need to be brushed regularly, depending on the length of their coats.

While they do lick themselves clean like cats, unlike cats, they are physically incapable of vomiting out any hair that they ingest. So, it is necessary to keep your rabbit well groomed and clean. 

Bunny Proofing 

Rabbits are curious creatures and love exploring the places they are left in. If you are going to let your rabbit loose in a room, you need to first get the right pet supplies and bunny proof the room. Small things like blocking areas like the underside of the bed and sofa, covering the wires, etc. can go a long way in ensuring the bunny’s safety. 

Find a Savvy Vet 

While there are a lot of vets practicing in Delhi and other areas, you need to find one who is rabbit-savvy. Rabbits have very different bodies than most other pets, and you need to ensure that the vet you visit is well versed in bunny anatomy

As mentioned before, bunnies make for unique pets, and that is why the care that goes into raising them as pets is also quite different from most pets. However, bunnies are intelligent creatures that make for good companions and you should get one only if you are prepared to put in the extra effort.

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