Selecting a harness can be tricky! How to select the right harness for your dog?

A dog owner on an average spends 22 minutes walking their dogs. Walks mean lot of fun for dogs but a wrong leash or a collar can cause severe damage to the tender muscles around dog’s neck. It can also make your dog gag or cough. A new study proves that dog harness is a better option for your dog. Choosing a harness can be difficult. Here are some easy tips to understand the kind of dog harness. A dog harness is also called a dog vest or a dog belt. A dog belt combo consists of a harness and a leash. Harnesses are also called Dog Vest but Dog vests are actually a type of harness style.

Types of Harness- There are so many types of harnesses available in the market but it is not a one size fits all kind of a product. You may require a sturdy harness for a bulldog or a Labrador but the same may not be helpful for a Chihuahua or a pug.

Back clip Harnesses- Can be clipped on the top, on your dog’s back. It has a metal ‘D’ loop sewn into the fabric where you can attach your dog leash; this is most convenient harness for the dog and the owner.

Front clip Harnesses- This is anti-pull harness and is widely used by dog trainers. The style is similar to back clip harness except that this one clips on your dog’s chest and gives you more authority to pull the dog to control the speed while walking. The only hassle with this harness is that it can get entangled into your dog’s paws.

front clip harnesses

Dual Harnesses- This is for dog owners who want to make a gradual shift from training a pup to walking a trained dog. This harness has two metal loops both at front and back. The owner can switch the hooks depending on the dog’s behaviour though an extra loop makes it slightly uncomfortable for the dog as it rubs against the dog skin.

dual harnesses for dogs

Safety Harnesses- If you travel with your dog in the car then this is a must. It can be attached to the seat belt and makes it sturdy and comfortable for the dog to go on long travels.

safety harness for dogs

Step in Harnesses- For small size dogs who do not like a harness being pulled over from their head can go with this one. You can lay the harness on the floor and make the dog step into it then simply pull the side flaps and buckle on the top. This is usually back clip and is very convenient for puppies.

Fashion Harnesses- harness is also considered an accessory for the dog owners. Something they like to make a statement with. There are harnesses that come with personalised tags, fancy colours, small storage pocket on the side for dog toys even with festive bows–a stylish new harness is an easy way to dress up your dog for a stroll around town. Breathable, lightweight mesh designs are a cool choice when the weather's warm.

Whichever type of Harness you choose. Always consider the following points.

  1. Connects Correctly- Always ensure that the clip or the buckle is attached securely.

2.  Padded Harness?- Breeds with short hair often benefit from padding to avoid rubbing and skin irritation. Padded harnesses also add extra flair and can make your dog look stylish, encouraging you to go out for invigorating walks more often.

padded harnesses for dogs and puppies

3. In for the Long Haul- Once you get the harness on your dog, make some adjustments and pay close attention to your dog's reactions and movements as you walk him around. Also, look at the material that the harness is made of; if the material seems cheap, there is a good chance that it will start to wear and deteriorate over time. Always choose a breathable fabric

light padded harnesses for dogs

4. Size and fit- We recommend measuring your dog to ensure the best fit. Knowing your dog's weight is also helpful in choosing the perfect size. Always measure the girth, length and collar.

5. Measure up- Be sure to measure your dog and determine the proper thickness and size based on his age and breed. And check the fit constantly, especially for young dogs that can quickly grow out of a design that fit perfectly yesterday.

  1. Multiple dog Leash- If you walk multiple dogs, you may need a harness that works better with split leashes. Some pet parents will purchase one harness with the clip on the left and another with a clip on the right, then use one Y-shaped leash to walk two dogs of the same size with the same leash. Still other pet parents may have a small dog and large dog, and choose two very different harnesses and leashes depending on their individual walking habits
multiple dog harnesses

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