Meal Topper For Dogs

Food toppers for dogs or meal toppers for dogs are becoming increasingly popular with discerning pet parents.

dog food bowl

What are meal toppers or food toppers? 

Are they required for your pet? 

What benefits does a food topper have?

42% of Indian pet parents serve home food at home. While home food has good quality ingredients, less processed - it essentially lacks vital micronutrients, Omega 3 and 6, and the right calcium to phosphorus ratios to ensure your dog has

  • a shiny and healthy coat
  • good hip and joint health
  • energetic
  • good muscle and gut health with high protein and fiber content

Another challenge is with the increasing adoption of small and medium breeds - fuss over food is a challenge. Another challenge is a large vegetarian population serving only vegetarian food. Food toppers or Meal toppers are superfoods to quickly balance your pet’s meals, appetite them, and provide essential micronutrients and proteins.

Dog meal with chicken and veg

Meal toppers are packed with rich organ meat like chicken liver. Loaded with superfoods like essential flaxseeds, probiotics, and bone broth further boosts wellness and ensures your home meal balances your pet’s meal. The bone broth adds good flavor to your pet’s meal to appetite the pet. 

Like we don’t wish to eat unappetizing food, our furry babies deserve a tasty meal. Nutrition has value only if your pet consumes the right proportion of food based on his / her age and size. 

Meal toppers today are available in several formats. Which one would you say is most suitable?

Meal toppers are available in

  1. Chicken and other organ-grated seasonings
  2. Packed powders like your whey protein shake
  3. Wet food like gravy meals


While there is no fixed formula for the best, however like Indian Foods are normally curry or rice-based, we recommend a gravy-based preservative-free meal to easily blend in your pet’s meal. The gravy-like meal toppers essentially add flavor and taste to your pet’s meal to make it appetizing. Powders are a good choice and easy to serve, however, your pet might run away if the powders have a strong smell of protein and amino acids.

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