Golden Retriever: More than just a friendly face

A dog with a charming personality and friendly face, the Golden Retriever is the most popular breed. Their smiling face, shiny hair, wagging tails, silky ears, and unconditional affection easily grab everyone's attention. However, initially used as hunting dogs in the Scottish Highlands, Golden Retrievers also make excellent family pets, thanks to their tolerate and friendly attitude. 

Trustworthy, Outgoing, easy-to-train, eager-to-please, and fun-loving, they are especially best suited for families with young children. Cute Golden Retriever often holds their notable smile and loving puppy attitudes into adulthood.  Interestingly, the dog breed became popular among American families in the 1970s when President Gerald Ford owned a golden retriever named Liberty. 

After having communication with dog owners who own Golden Retrievers, we’ve found that they are beyond silly friendliness and pretty looks. Let's check out some interesting facts about this people-pleasing breed.

10 Interesting Facts about Golden Retriever Breed 

1. A perfect rescuer 

Do you like a pet that becomes your companion in rescue and hunting activities? Yes! Choosing a Golden Retriever dog for search, track, and rescue is a wonderful choice. Thanks to its tracking abilities and keen sense of smell. They are not only good guides but also provide good service and treatment. 

Historically, they served as service dogs, hunting, and rescue dogs. Despite that playful, sometimes goofy behavior, they can learn many skills quickly, such as how to work as rescue and detection dogs at the scene of a disaster. Additionally, it is the dog whose intelligence you can’t doubt.

2.Sociable animal 

Credited with being one of the best-behaved pets, Golden Retrievers are a kind and extremely gentle dog breed. They perform well as a great family dog, being extremely friendly towards children and their family members. 

a woman with smiley Golden Retriever dog

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As well as humans, the Golden Retriever breed also gets along well with other pets. When you take your dog to the local park or your farm, there will be no trouble due to the behavior of your canine companion. Due to being friendly towards everyone, they are always looking to create new friendship bonds.

3. Active, energetic, and a good swimmer 

Whether it’s fetch, hiking, swimming, or other exercise, the golden retriever is always on the front foot.  They are born athletes who outshine different sports and are impulsively fond of the water. Games like fetching into the pool and pond make your retriever companion happy while helping them burn off their energy with this workout.

swimmer Golden Retriever
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For pet lovers who often enjoy time at the lake or beach, a Golden Retriever would be the only one. It is one such dog breed that will run around the yard and climb hills with you until you say it's time to stop, and all this with a clear smile on their face. 

Note: Being an active dog breed, the golden retriever needs regular exercise through running, walking, and training.

4. Ability to concentrate

When it comes to Golden Retrievers' ability to concentrate, they are amazing in it. If assigned a task after giving plenty of training, the Golden Retriever will surely bring outcomes for you.

Because of their concentration abilities, golden retrievers have gained popularity as a working breed. Further, these dogs enjoy being trained and love to impress their owners. In the case of Golden Retriever puppies, they can be goofy and playful one minute and extremely focused the next. That said, golden retrievers are people's pleasure.

5. Supporting paws to assist handicapped and blind people

Well-known for its intelligence, friendliness, and loyalty, the Golden Retriever can be used as a supporting pet. As with other retrievers, this dog breed is suitable to be trained to help blind or disabled people cross the street safely and for other tasks. These furry friends will not only make you feel good and give you hugs, but they will also be great supportive companions.

6. Softest mouth 

The golden was initially bred for retrieving waterfowl from ponds and lakes. They swim up and hold the bird between their most tender mouthparts, not damaging the bird's flesh while returning to shore. 

As with other retrievers, golden retrievers have very soft mouths, so it is said that they can carry objects (toys, sticks, clothing, etc.) around in their mouth without breaking them.

7. Has an irresistible face for Hollywood

With their cute faces and easy-train pets, golden retrievers are the most famous dogs in TV shows and movies. The most recognized roles in dogs are Shadow, Buddy, Homeward Bound, Comet, and the lovable family pet in the sitcom Full House and its numerous movies and television. 

Did you know? Golden Retriever is the 3rd most famous dog breed throughout America.

8. The retriever can run as fast as wolves

Being the most energetic and athletic dog breeds in the world, your retriever companion may run up to an average of 35 miles/hour, as fast as wild wolves can run. A well grown retriever can, at most, run long distances at 12 miles/per hour. They are the most active dogs who usually love to be outside and meet new pets and people.

9. Born with golden, unique, and soft fur

The Golden Retriever features two layers. While the outer layer is waterproof, which keeps your dog safe from water when it goes into the water, the inner layer helps dog to stay warm. 

Note: Golden retriever’s water-repellent, thick double coat sheds significantly in summer and winter and significantly more in fall and spring.  They will often need a bath at least once a month and should be brushed regularly.

10.Long lifespan 

The golden retriever may be an ideal companion in the long run if not come across severe health conditions. Well, most retrievers have a lifespan of between 12 and 14 years. Therefore, you can expect to have a happy life with this loyal and fun-loving pet.

Note: Owning a golden retriever from a reputed, quality breeder can be expensive. Speaking of Golden Retriever price in India, one can expect to pay between Rs 15,000 to 30,000. You’re advised to consider this aspect before investing your money in this breed.

Final Words

Golden Retriever is a dedicated, enthusiastic, loving, and beautiful dog breed. Since they are used as therapy dogs ​​to soothe and calm people, receiving unconditional love and empathy from this pet makes you feel complete.

The Golden Retriever behaves well with other family units and children in addition to their owner. The breed usually loves to be where the action takes place with the family, rather than in the garden, where they can easily feel lonely. 

While golden retrievers are not watchdogs at all, they are very protective of humans and always remain loyal friends to your children and family members. Besides the reasons we have mentioned above, there are many more reasons why owning a Golden Retriever is indeed an incredible choice for dog lovers.

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