Primarily an American pet health concept, practicing yoga with your dog has become quite a vogue in recent years. Being widely practiced across the other parts of the world by now, it has become one of the best forms of exercise for pets and pet parents. 

Since ancient times, Yoga is known to offer a great deal of health benefits to your body, mind, and soul. It can bring you a sense of relief from a number of lifestyle issues like depression, chronic physical pain, anxiety, etc. 

Clubbing Yoga with pet health comes along as a whole new ballgame of dog workout. So as to further conceptualize the same, take the “do” from “dog” and the “ga” from “yoga”, and hence we have “DOGA”. 

Now, when you’re thinking of Doga, don’t imagine that your dog is doing handstands like an athlete at play and moreover, your dog will not be able to do most of these yoga asanas. It will however stretch, move around and try to emulate the exercises you are up to. 

The trick lies in keeping a few things in mind while getting started and taking to the flow eventually. 


Including your dog in your everyday yoga practice requires a thorough know-how of its personality. And the most primary thing to consider is whether you want to do this at your home or in a studio with other dogs and humans.

Since this is a fairly new concept, not many workout studios offer a pet friendly ambience. But you can always ask the internet or make a few calls to see if there’s a pet friendly yoga studio nearby. On the flipside, if you think that your dog is far more comfortable in a known proximity, then it’s better to practise DOGA within its territorial limits, at your home.

It is important that you don’t force your dog to do any asana while performing Doga. You should understand your dog’s bodily limits and let it gradually slide into the process. 

Now that you have a brief understanding about getting started, let’s talk more about the benefits of DOGA.  




Undeniably, yoga is a great form of physical workout! What’s new? Doing it with your dog around. Performing Yoga with Dogs works for a great source of motivation for you to get in shape and your dog to shed that extra weight. Doga involves a lot of stretching and a number of exercises that appeal to the dogs greatly and thus improving their flexibility, blood circulation and induces a number of other cognitive abilities among dogs and humans alike. 

Additionally, DOGA can also help dogs recover from past injuries, in fighting diseases and enduring medical procedures, while allowing their body to regain strength afterwards. 


The breathing exercises of yoga are known to leave calming effects on your body. It helps you deal with anxiety, stress and relaxes your mind. Similarly, it does the same for your dogs if performed together. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs who suffer from behavioral issues. In a nutshell, it will turn your dog into a more calm and composed personality. 




One of the very important benefits that come with practicing doga is the chance to bond with your dog. Living in a 9-5 spiral of everyday chores and responsibilities, and for those who hardly get any time to be with their dogs, some time dedicated to an activity gives you the very chance to strengthen the bond you share. As you begin to pay more and more undivided attention to your dog, you get to learn new things about them. Who knows, you may even come across some things that might need urgent attention. 


Even though you are a constant company to your dog, sometimes he or she may need the company of fellow pooches. This is where a DOGA studio comes into play. It offers a perfect opportunity for your dog to bond with other dogs while having fun with pet parents. Your dog may find it overwhelming at first, but slowly and steadily being around fellow dogs will enhance its skills.  They will know how to behave better around other dogs and will help them overcome their fears and social anxiety. While you might have a very busy lifestyle and while keeping 30 minutes aside for your dog might be difficult, it is still worth a try. Once you get a hang of it, you will witness the changes within you and your dog. In a few days, there won’t be many things that can keep you away from such a routine. 

Starting today, set aside 10 minutes to begin with and embark upon the Doga journey with your doggo.



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