Dinosaur A Part Of Modern Day Animals

It was long ago that dinosaurs are said to be existing but they could beat today’s hard head animals is what has been deduced after a study published in Pols One, a journal related to such discoveries. 

In their finding after a long research, the scientists have confirmed that Stegoceras, an ancient bipedal dinosaur, which existed on earth around some 70 million years, could storm off today’s strong animals easily. In fact, if research is to be believed, these dinosaurs used to bang each other’s head over female dinosaurs as a matter of challenge. The most amazing thing to note is that these dinosaurs were only 7.5 cm, which is the size of a goat. It is said that these dinosaurs used to run towards each other at a speed of 15 miles per hour. 

However, some scientists believe that this could not be true since the skull of these dinosaurs constituted a spongy sinus which was engulfed by two layers of dense bone. This makes the scientists not to believe that they could be this head strong. 

To prove the above theory right, that these dinosaurs were headstrong, Dr. Eric Snively along with palaeontologist, Dr. Jessica Theodor, took some samples of computerized scans of the skulls of these dinosaurs and used their density measurements to create 3D model of these animals. 

The scientists were now able to prove that the stegoceras would have been able to beat the stress better than most animals from today like The Northern American big horn sheep or the Arctic Musk Ox or more such animals. 

This thus proved that the theory that the specific variety of dinosaurs was much more capable than today’s animals is correct.

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