Commands Your Dog Should Know

Whether you want your dog to be fully trained and disciplined or not is completely up to you. However, there are some commands that they should definitely know. So, the next time when you’re buying the monthly quota of dog food online, remember to stock up on dog treats milk bones and some packets of biscuits for dogs, for training works best if you have some treats ready to reward good behavior.

Here are the top 5 commands that you should teach your dog: 

1. Come 

A very important command to help you ensure your dog’s safety, knowing that your dog will respond to ‘come’ will give you a good night’s sleep. One simple way to tech your dog this one is to call him to you and keep walking backwards slowly. Once they reach you, say yes, tell them they’re a good boy, and hand them a treat. 

2. Sit

Sometimes when your pooch is running around the home or park, you just want to tell them to sit. This one is another easy to teach command that will help you out a lot in the long run. Tempt your puppy with a tasty little treat. Hold it close to their nose and then slowly take it up and behind their head. As you take it further up, tell your dog to ‘sit’ and as their butt touches the floor, pat them, give them reinforcing words, and give them the treat. 

3. Drop it

Any dog is prone to put the wrong things in its mouth; poisonous things, dirty things, or just expensive things. ‘Drop it’ can save you a lot of grief and can be a life saver. Teaching your dog this command isn’t that hard. While playing fetch with your dog, say ‘drop it’, whenever he brings the ball to you. He will drop the ball accidentally or you will have to open his mouth and take the ball; either way, praise him, so he knows what the command means. 

4. Leave it

If you have a puppy who just wants to pick things in his mouth, regardless of if it’s sharp or it’s an animal, you need to teach him the ‘leave it’ command. The trick to teach this command is to walk your dog past a toy, keeping him slightly away from the toy. As your dog tugs to go towards the toy, tell him to ‘leave it’. Keep repeating this activity and reward your dog every time he obeys the command. 

5. Wait 

Almost every dog becomes a hyperactive little critter as soon as they see an open door, and teaching them to ‘wait’ is quite important. To teach him this command, you need to first put him on the leash and then open the front door of your home in front of him. As he tries to run out, pull him back and tell him to ‘wait’. It’ll take little time, and he will understand what the command means.

You might be buying the best dog food in India for your puppy, but when it comes to teaching him these simple commands, you need to have a nice little stock of treats ready as rewards.

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