Best cat food at an affordable price?

Best cat food at an affordable price?

Cats being obligate carnivores meat fish and eggs are essential part of their diet. Giving your cat a home cooked meal is affordable but a time consuming option. For a 4 kg sterilized cat, which prefers to stay warm to sleep and has an energy requirement of about 200 kcal, a pouch of 85 g per day wet food and a ration of 30 g of dry will be sufficient.

Simple rule of thumb is feeding with a daily ration of 3% of cat body weight: 3.5 kg x 3/100 = 105 g.

Cat food prices in India are different for wet and dry food.  A pouch of wet food would cost you between 35-90 rupees.

It’s the ingredients and quality that makes some companies make cat food at low price.

To make it affordable some pet parents prefer a hearty homemade meal with boiled chicken or fish as the base topped with some veggies is great once in a while but just relying on home food may not be able to provide a balanced diet to your cat.

Certain minerals and vitamins that cats get from hunting in the wild can only be provided in meal through supplements. Fish is the easiest food for cat but fish is not one of the affordable meats for a lot of people taurine can found naturally in fish products, muscle meat, milk, cheese and eggs and it is the most essential component of a balanced cat meal.

Commercial wet cat food is an affordable option for a few cat parents but in keeping in mind the preservatives use, it is again not a long term solution. Just as humans cannot eat canned food every day, even cats cannot.

Preservative free meals in ready to eat form are great for pet parents who want to skip the hassle of cooking and value nutrition in their pet’s food.

There are lots of choices now for cat parents, to keep up to the taste of their picky cats. Goofy Tails cat food is by far the most affordable and nutritious choice for your feline friend. The meals are home cooked and are sealed in a pouch without any preservatives. Cat food is made by special chefs after consulting vets. Not only affordable, they make it tasty for your cat.

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