Are you a new pet parent?

Adopting a pet is a responsibility and a life changing decision in every individual’s life who looks forward to becoming a new pet parent. Before adopting a dog make sure you are ready to be one.

One needs to be ready for all the emotional support and commitment your pooch will need. Your furry friend only wants your love and cuddles. Raising a dog is like raising a baby. Getting a new pet can be a huge responsibility, but soon you’ll realize that they are the most affectionate and loving pet you have. They believe in giving unconditional love and support.

First thing first, there are certain things to be kept in mind while adopting a pet. There are certain ground rules and training sessions required for your pet. The most important ones are listed below as a guide and reference for you:    

  • Poop Training- Your pooch is a baby and requires poop training
  • Regular visits to the vets- Your pet requires regular vaccinations, grooming, and dental attention from time to time.
  • Ultimate Stress Buster- A dog is the best emotional and mental support a pet parent can have.
  • It’s A Must-You need to dog-proof your house.
  • Be Patient-Give them time to adjust to the new environment
  • Be Firm. Not Strict-Set certain house rules with your pet.
  • It’s a 2 Way Communication-Your pooch requires time, effort, and love.
  • Identity-Get your pooch a name tag so in case of an emergency, one can relocate him.
  • Acknowledge-Praise your dog regularly and provide them with a happy and healthier lifestyle

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