7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt an Indie Dog

All set to bring a bundle of joy: a pet, particularly a dog? Wait, have you decided which breed of dog you opt for? Not yet! So, consider the generosity of welcoming the most neglected breed, the Indie dog, as a member of the household and showing them some affection and love for a lifetime.

Also known as Indian pariah dog, Desi dog, Indian Pye Dog, Desi Kutta, Indian Feral Dog, South Asian Pariah Dog, and Street dog breed. This Indian breed is found in almost every street and got its identity during the pre-independence (British) period. Hailing from the Indian subcontinent, Indie dogs can tolerate harsh tropical weather conditions. They have become aggressive due to centuries on the street.

Indies often don't get the appreciation, love, and support they need, possibly for a number of reasons. However, with awareness enlightenment, more and more are moving towards adopting Indie puppies instead of purchasing another breed.

Did you know? Despite having a loving, positive, and friendly demeanor, Indie dogs have never been in the limelight.

If you too want a warm welcome from your furry friend every time you come back home, adopting Indie would be the right choice. For not having a second thought on this idea, look at the 7 reasons why they are a great ally for you and your personal space.

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Indie Dog: Major reasons to adopt them

An extremely perfect dog for Indian homes, the Indie dog breed is one of the most suitable breeds in terms of protection, loyalty, and bonding. Unlike foreign breeds, the risk of physical and health problems among the Indies is remarkably negligible or minimal.

As a result, they will have a higher quality of life and less expensive vet appointments for owners. It doesn't end here, so let's discuss some other reasons why you should choose an Indie dog over other breeds. Here they are:

1.     Indie Dog is a healthier breed

As opposed to other dog breeds, there are only a few health problems found among Indies and that’s rare. However, other dog breeds are usually susceptible to a variety of health conditions, including obesity, arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. The Indies, on the other hand, have a well-developed immune system, which is rarely seen in foreign breeds. This makes them often the best breed for Indian conditions.

Having a healthy immune system will also reduce the need for frequent visits to the veterinarian. They just need a few things, including well-balanced diet, clean and sanitary environment, lots of care & love, and activity.

Interesting fact: An indie dog breed is the least prone to diseases, which makes them more resilient than other pedigree dogs.

2.     Indie dogs require minimal upkeep

Bringing home an exotic breed dog can be expensive. If you search for an Indie Dog price, it will cost you anywhere 2000 to 5000. Well, the idea of ​​adopting not only saves the initial purchase cost but also helps in saving the maintenance costs later in the long run.

Saying that means, Indie breeds don’t require expensive grooming. Due to the thick, short fur that doesn't shed easily, their maintenance is minimal.

Things to keep in mind - Brushing every week and bathing every month is essential to maintaining their coat in shiny, healthy condition.

Interesting fact: An indie dog is considerably equipped with an oil glands coat, preventing odor nearby.

3.     Indie dog is suitable for Indian weather conditions

Not every dog ​​breed can tolerate the Indian dynamic climate but wait, Indies are able to adapt to it with great ease. As a naturally grown breed, they have been shaped by natural selection. Having lived and grown up in India for years, the Indie street dog has adapted to the tropical conditions. Therefore, they can withstand and get accustomed to the Indian climate better than other foreign breeds.

4.     Indie Dog is a street-smart, highly alert, and intelligent pet

Due to belonging to streets and roads for centuries, an Indie puppy has been developed with intelligence and smartness naturally. This is why they become changeable and really smart plus they've got a powerful instinct to protect themselves. From easily adapting to new spaces to providing ideal monitoring, these are simply great options to adopt.

Remarkably, they are easy to navigate. As a territorial dog breed, they may sometimes react with aggression and anger towards people and unknown pets. However, the right kind of socialization makes them quite friendly.

5.     Indie dog is highly communicative

The indie dog breed is highly communicative and naturally smart. Just a little socialization, and they can begin to get along easily with other pets and people, making them enjoy everyone's company. Due to their expressive nature, you can never experience a moment of boredom with them. This dog is always barking and is happy-go-lucky apart from being sensitive to the mood of its master. That's why they are excellent allies. As with any other dog breed, Indie dogs require essential training, which is a must to make them adjustable for home.

6.     Indian pariah dog is extremely protective of their flock

Adopting Indie and giving them proper caring & affection means you will be loved back. Being so protective of their humans, they will make sure their owner is safe. They easily pick up on human emotions and are extremely passive, just like any other purebred dog. When a situation calls for them, they act as a good guy and become your support system.

7.     A great companion for the elderly

In old age, every senior citizen needs someone who is truly a companion with whom they can spend their time. Since Indian Pariah dogs are friendly by nature, they would become an ideal companion.

Wrap Up!

Indie dog can do anything, from bringing a smile to your face to being loved on. However, unfortunately, this specific breed suffers from hunger, day-to-day troubles, and diseases on the streets. With adoption, you can bring about a significant change, as well as bring awareness to society regarding the idea of ​​adopting street dogs.

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