As unconventional as it sounds, you will be surprised by how much dogs enjoy sitting in front of the TV. While you might be feeding your dog the best dog food or buying the best dog toys or taking them to the best vet in town, it is equally important to keep them entertained and engaged.


Watching movies where dogs and other pets are stars is a good idea especially in these tough times when social distancing is the new norm. It can also help you strengthen the bond you and your dog share. It can be therapeutic for both you and your pet and the both of you can definitely use some snuggle time.

Here is a list of 6 movies you can watch with your pet. Make sure to keep some dog snacks around, just like you would keep some popcorn around for yourself.




This Disney classic follows a blossoming romance between a cocker spaniel named Lady and a stray mongrel named Tramp. Lady who has grown up comfortably finds herself in trouble after her masters have their baby. However, her life starts to change as Tramp comes into the picture. He rescues her from a pet shop as well as stray dogs. A budding romance starts brewing but it comes with problems. In the end they both get a happy ending, as Tramp is adopted by Lady’s family and they both start their own little family.




This 1996 Disney classic, is one of the best dog movies ever made. It is about two dalmatians Penny and Perdy. Penny gives birth to a beautiful litter of pups. A nasty fashion designer Cruella de Vil, comes across this litter and decides to kidnap them to make coats out of their skin. She sends two goons to get hold of these dogs. When Penny and Perdy find out that their kids are missing, they set out to find them and bring them back home. They are joined by other animals who help them. Soon they discover that Cruella has also kidnapped other dalmatians as well, 101 of them in total. After a lot of struggle and sneaking around, the pups are rescued. Penny and Perdy and their owners decide to keep all the pups and live happily ever after.




A perfect movie to watch with your family and dog, Marley and me is a rollercoaster of emotions. Newly-weds, John and Jenny move to Florida and adopt an adorable Labrador, who grows up to be super-duper mischievous, creating trouble wherever he goes. However, he constantly teaches important lessons to John and Jenny and also helps them get through life’s tough times. Marley however continues to be the naughty dog that he is, touching the lives of the entire family.




The movie follows a St. Bernard puppy who escapes and wanders into the Newton family home. Despite the father not wanting to keep the dog, the kids convince him. They name him Beethoven, as he takes a liking to the music by Beethoven, the musician. He grows into a big dog, helping the kids with their problems in his own small way. However, the family finds the dog’s life in danger when a cruel vet, tries to kidnap him for a nasty experiment. The family struggles to get him back but ultimately, they succeed.




Based in an apocalyptic future in Japan there is dog flu outbreak, following which the officials decide to send all the dogs away to a garbage dump island. This island becomes known as the Isle of dog. The movie follows a boy who decides to rescue his dog that has been sent away to the island. This leads to a dog revolution. Together with his dog and the other inhabitants of the island, the boy sets out to decide the fate of this island. 




Based on a true story the movie is narrated by a small boy who tells the tale of his grandfather and his dog Hachiko in a presentation. The grandfather, Parker Wilson, takes in an abandoned dog for the night. No one claims the dog and the two grow close. The movie shows the bond between a man and his faithful dog, who waits for him everyday at the train station even when Parker passes away.

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