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           Cats that have found their way into the Indian Homes 

Cats are one of the top animals that people keep as pets. With a lifespan of 2 to 16 years they become great companions for many. More and more people are now choosing cats instead of dogs, the first obvious choice for a pet for many. As a result, people are becoming increasingly aware about the different breeds of cats, from the Persian to the Bombay cat, cat lovers can choose from a wide range. Here are 5 common cat breeds you will often see as pets 


Since they have a short coat, there is no worry about shedding. 

Native to India and Sri Lanka, the Rusty Spotted Cat is the smallest member of the cat Family. They are one of the best cat breeds to have, and are commonly found in India households. They are affectionate and friendly. What makes them great as pets is that they do extremely well in our weather conditions, since they are native to the Indian subcontinent. They do not need much attention and entertain and keep themselves busy very easily. They have a short coat and clean themselves frequently by using their tongue. They enjoy climbing up walls. The spotted cats have a lifespan of 10-20 years. 


Muscular in build, a Bombay cat has a lifespan of 15-20 years. 

Though the name is Bombay cat, these cats belong to the United States and Thailand. These Black Panther-like looking cats were developed in 1965 by a cat breeder, Nikki Horner in the USA. They are also sometimes known as Black Mamba and mini Panther. They have a long slender body with copper colored eyes. Energetic, affectionate and playful they take great interest in learning new tricks. They like to be in warm spots and it is very likely that you will find them under a blanket. They crave attention which makes them well suited for children. These cats are more vocal than other cats but are still pretty quiet, making them ideal apartment pets. 


They are nicknamed “Meezer”, which is a low-pitched voice. 

These beautiful blue-eyed cats are one of the oldest breeds, with an origin going back hundreds of years in Thailand. It is one of the most well-known Asian cats. Siamese cats have an average lifespan of 8-15 years. They have long tubular bodies with a triangular head. Their coat is short and very fine. They are extremely vocal and can be described as extroverts, enjoying the company of humans. These highly intelligent cats are also highly attention seeking. Since they are hungry for attention, they suffer from separation anxiety and depression, when left alone for long periods of time. It is for this reason that it is recommended to get these cats in pairs. 


They love to play fetch. A small toy is good to keep them busy the whole day. 

Another cat of American origin, they are similar to Persian cats and were a result of a cross breeding between Persian and Siamese cats. Just like them, Himalayan cats also have a short legged round body. This short structure makes it difficult for them to jump from one place to another, that is why they are happier to be on the floor. Their coat is extremely furry and hair is long, meaning they need extra careful brushing and cleaning. They are gentle and quiet creatures. Though they can be moody at times, they are mostly very social animals. They live anywhere between 9-15 years of age. 


They have an athletic appearance. 

The most distinct feature of an American Bobtail is its tail. With different patterns and colors, these cats are usually of medium to large build, making them muscular and heavy. They love to learn tricks and play and are extremely smart creatures. They can adapt to different places and weather easily, making them easy to travel with. They are a quiet bunch and are good with children. Their life spans over 13-15 years. 

Adopting cats as pets is gaining popularity and becoming more common in India. A lot of people still prefer to take in the native Indian Billi since they are easily available and are not very high maintenance. However, since the concept of cats as pets is being accepted more rapidly, curiosity is growing and people have now started to bring home different breeds, like the ones mentioned above, home. So, if you are looking to bring home a feline pet, make sure to consider these 5 breeds.

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