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    32 products

    Cat accessories are a great way to keep your cats fashionable without dressing them up in full cat clothing. Whether you want to dress up your kitty with a casual, colorful cat bandana or go formal with a cat bow tie, you're sure to find neckwear that's perfect for your elegant cat. Cat bandanas are fun, stylish, and most importantly, easy to wear. Most mouse hunters will find bandanas to be a no-brainer because it's as simple as putting them on a cat collar; just tie the ends gently around their necks.

    The best thing about the bandanas is that they're lightweight, so your cat can get on with what cats do: play with cat toys, lose themselves in the bliss of kitty ham, or snooze in their cat tree. If your cat is up for it, check out our Goofy Tails Cat accessories.

    Best of all, these bow ties are machine washable, so you don't have to worry about getting a little cat food on them. The cat bandana can make dressing your feline friend effortless and comfortable. It's an easy way to celebrate any special occasion with your kitty in style, without wearing a full outfit. Shop this and more at Goofy Tails Online Pet Store for the best cat products.

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