Why Does My Dog Ignore My Commands

There are actually multiple reasons why your dog may be ignoring your commands. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons and what you can do to reverse that annoying behavior with the family pet. Why Does My Dog Ignore My Commands.


One of the most common reasons that a dog ignores it’s owners commands is the fact that it probably has not been trained and it has no clue what the commands mean. You must remember that a dog does not speak English and even though a dog can learn many words it has to go through a learning process. Teaching a dog commands actually goes through multiple steps and the first step is the teaching phase where we teach the dog the command by placing it into the position we want like with a sit or down command.


However there are other reason your dog may be ignoring your commands. One of those reasons is that your dog is actually deaf. In that case your dog is not trying to cause trouble by ignoring you it simply cannot hear you. If you suspect your dog is deaf you can also do some simple tests with calling and hand clapping. If that seems to not get your dogs attention a visit to your vet should be the next matter of business.


So if your dog is trained well and is not deaf what could the problem be? It could be one of those dogs that simply hears when it wants to. There are humans just like that. Possibly when you are giving your dog a command it is being distracted by somebody or something else. Yes even what you think is a well trained dog can suffer from this problem if it has not been trained with distractions.


A dog that does all of it’s commands beautifully in the living room may actually not do anything when you take it outside and there are distractions. The final phase of dog training requires your dog be trained with distractions. I always recommend for dog owners to train their dog in several different places with distractions as the training goes on. If you don’t do the proofing phase of dog training your dog will definitely ignore you when you are out in public because it has never been taught that it has to.


So by training your dog well and with distractions you will be amazed how it quits ignoring you and starts responding to your commands well.

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