What Is The Best Dog Training Method

Dog Training Method


Wow, Dog Training Method, if we as dog trainers knew the answer to that simple question we could all make a fortune. However there are as many ways to train a dog as there are trainers and each trainer has it’s own opinion. It’s is sort of like how do you raise a child. Everybody you talk to does it a little bit different.


There used to be a T shirt that you could buy that said “the only thing that two dog trainers can agree on is that the third dog trainer is wrong”. That is actually the way that most dog trainers feel even today.


I really believe that as dog trainers we should constantly be striving to find the dog training method that we like the best and feel most comfortable with. If we as trainers feel comfortable with the method that we use it just seems to make things easy.


I have always felt that what ever method a trainer is using can work if the trainer knows how to make it work. When I meet trainers that are questioning their own training methods I always ask. “Is what you are doing working? If it is then great that is what you as a dog trainer want. If on the other hand it is not working then you need to find a different method.


So as dog trainers most of us have a favorite way to train that works with most dogs. However along comes that dog that does not respond to your methods? What now? A good trainer knows more than one method to train a dog and this dog requires you to use one of those other techniques.


New trainers usually don’t have these different methods at their disposal, however with continued training and learning they will. They simply need time to get more experience and education.


If you are working with a trainer you should see quick results with your dog. However if you are trying to train your dog on your own training may be slower because you don’t have the experience or knowledge on what will work with your particular pet.


One other thing I would really like to share with you today is that I have NEVER seen a dog that couldn’t be trained. However I have seen people that just don’t take the time to do the training. Remember that training only 15 minutes a day will give you a trained dog so go train your dog and have some fun.

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