The Kennel Club Launch Mate Select

Everyone needs a companion and so do the dogs. Understanding this, the Kennel Club has launched a new website Mate Select, that will help bring two dogs together for mating which will create a healthy breed of dog – whether pedigree or crossbreed. It will also meet the need for mating two perfect dogs meeting the criterion that dog breeders usually look for.


The program can also be selected through the Kennel Club website and has the feature of giving an idea of the impact of the mating process. Speaking about the same, Nick Blayney, former President of the British Veterinary Association believes that this database would be useful. He says, “The Kennel Club has helped develop many DNA tests and has a number of health screening schemes that are run with the British Veterinary Association and this knowledge should be central to any breeding decision. Sometimes though, there is so much information to compute that breeders often don’t know where to start. This database will do the complicated calculations for them, showing them clearly which dogs will make the most  suitable match in order to produce healthy puppies.”


In an appreciation to this website, Professor Jeff Sampson, Kennel Club Scientific Adviser, says,  “The program will be available for pedigree dogs, because we know their heritage and therefore have more information available for them, but we hope that information about all other dogs will also be fed into this database. At the moment we have frighteningly little information about diseases within crossbred dogs, but this database will help to throw light on this grey area and help us,  therefore, to improve the health of pedigrees and crossbreeds alike.”

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