Some Tips To Help You Through Weaning Time

Mother’s milk is very good for puppies. However, there comes a time when you need to wean the puppies and start feeding them regular puppy food and formula. While this is one part of bringing up puppies that does not require too much effort from your side, a few tips to help you get through the process would definitely not go amiss.If your dog has just had a litter of puppies, you need to know about the basics, which will only make your task easier.


Getting the right food


Dog food for adults and for puppies is as different as it can be. For example, puppies need much more calories and protein in their food, as compared to adult dogs. For that purpose, you can find good dog food online, before you can begin the weaning process. One of the top manufacturers is this regard is Royal Canin India, a company that most breeders agree, produces the best dog food in India.Apart from adult dog food and cat foodRoyal Canin also manufactures puppy starters that you can buy based on the breed of your dog.

When to Wean


While different people will give you different answers and timetables about when to wean your puppies, generally, when they are about 3 weeks old,it is a good age to start the process. However, if it’s a particularly large litter, you can start early, in order to ensure that the mother is not too tired out.


Don’t Add Vitamin or Mineral Supplements


The best practice to wean puppies is to get puppy starters from a reputed company, and when you are already buying complete puppy food, there is no need to add any supplements,unless a vet has diagnosed a deficiency. Adding extra supplements can result in a number of skeletal issues in the puppies.


The First Stage


In the beginning, you need to pre-soak dry puppy food at least half an hour before serving. Then, mix it well till it reaches a porridge-like consistency and add enough water to it, to make sure the puppies can lap it up easily.As the puppies keep getting older, you can keep reducing the amount of water in the food.

Less and More


Puppies have small stomachs, so you will need to feed them small amounts, but you will have to keep feeding them at regular intervals; around 4 meals a day should suffice.

Weaning is not really done to aid the mother, because a mother dog can keep producing milk for months on end. Weaning is actually done to get the puppies’ digestive systems accustomed to regular food, so even as they go to new homes, they can easily eat regular food. Make sure you discuss with your vetabout the right feeding regimen to follow.

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