Venky's Freedom Fleas & Tick Control Spray for Dogs

Venky’s SKU: 1921732182062

Venky's Freedom Fleas & Tick Control Spray for Dogs

Venky’s SKU: 1921732182062
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  • BATTLE FLEAS & TICKS NATURALLY- Made with 100% regular fixings, our tick and insect control shower keeps your pets and your family safe from poisons, harms, and brutal chemicals.
  • Most extreme PROTECTION- Our mix of premium basic oils and concentrates keeps bothers away with their aroma for powerful bug and tick avoidance for pooches and felines.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY- We fabricate our insect and tick splash in the USA to guarantee that it is of the most flawlessly awesome quality.
  • A WONDERFUL SCENT- Unlike a normal synthetic feline insect treatment or canine tick treatment, our bug and tick splash has a satisfying aroma that you’ll adore.
  • Simple TO USE -Our tick and bug shower arrives in a simple to-crush splash bottle for quick application wherever you require it

Freedom Spray is safe to use in dogs  with no toxic effects when used in the recommended way. Freedom spray is not absorbed by the skin and stays on for a longer duration to provide effective Protection. Freedom spray is safe to use on puppies/kittens over 8 weeks of age, adult cats/dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches. Precautions:- * Avoid Spraying Into Eyes * Wash the Hands After Use * Do not Allow Animal to lick After Spraying

Insects and ticks can cause inconvenience for you, your family and your pets and can convey germs and maladies that could make every one of you debilitated, making tick and bug control absolutely critical. Still, conventional feline bug treatment and puppy tick treatment items like collars and meds can posture dangers of their own, as they are produced using chemicals, toxic substances, and poisons. Fortunately, there is a totally sheltered, nontoxic choice for insect and tick counteractive action for canines and felines.

All-Natural Flea and Tick Spray is a 100 percent common tick and insect shower produced using a mix of basic oils and organic concentrates that have been demonstrated to repulse bugs and ticks. The fragrance of the fixings in our bug and tick shower normally avoids the nuisances that can make your puppy, feline and family wiped out without presenting you to poisons and toxins. Contrasted with other characteristic feline bug treatment and pooch bug treatment items,


Simply spritz our tick and insect control shower wherever you have to! The equation does the rest. - AROMATIC. You'll cherish the aroma of our bug and tick shower!


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