Slow Feeder for Dogs | Anti-Skid Dog Bowls for Breeds- Star - Blue

Slow Feeder  for dogs (7648059883670)
Dog Slow Feeder (7648059883670)
Dog Bowls (7648059883670)
Bowls for dogs (7648059883670)
Bowls for dogs (7648059883670)
Slow Feeder dog bowl (7648059883670)
Slow feeding dog bowls (7648059883670)
Dog Bowls (7648059883670)
Goofy Tails Slow Feeder for Dogs | Anti-Skid Dog Bowls for Breeds- Star (7648059883670)

Slow Feeder for Dogs | Anti-Skid Dog Bowls for Breeds- Star - Blue

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Fast-eating dogs are more likely to experience bloat, regurgitation, and obesity. Slow-feeder dog bowls are designed to prevent these issues through the use of maze patterns, which slow the eating pace up to 10 times! These anti-slip dog bowls aid in digestion while engaging dogs during mealtime and reducing overeating behavior.

  • ANTI-SLIP DOG BOWL: The Dog Slow feeder Bowl can be used on the floor or a mat, and four small rubber anti-skid pads are installed at the bottom of the bowl. Helps secure it to the floor, and eager eaters may move the bowl a little while eating.
  • MAZE PATTERN SLOW FEEDER DOG BOWL: The maze pattern in the dog bowl is beautifully designed and deep. The dog food slow feeder bowl is designed to require dogs to navigate built-in features and obstacles to help your dog maintain mealtime, it can extend your pet's eating time and make the pet's eating process more interactive and fun.
  • SAFE MATERIAL DOG BOWLS: The Slow feeder dog bowls use qualified material, made of food grade, high strength PP material, free of BPA. Safe and non-toxic, material, friendly, and durable for dogs and puppies.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The dog bowls slow feeder is simple to rinse and clean after use. Less work for you means more playtime with your furry baby.
  • HEALTHIER & SLOW FEEDING BOWLS FOR DOGS: Outer Length- 24 Cm, Inner Length- 22cm, Outer Width- 20cm, Inner Width - 15cm Height: 4cm.
  • This Slow-Feeding Bowl for dogs and puppies can hold 1-2 cups of dog food, also depending on the size of the dog food. These Slow feeders for dogs large size Help reduce swallowing, bloating, obesity, choking, and vomiting while feeding. Suitable for All dog breeds. These Slow feeder bowls are not suitable for bulldogs, flat faces, or short nose breeds.

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