Goofy Tails SKU: GTPL0638
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Cat Scratcher (7639203872918)
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Goofy Tails Round Scratch Pad for Cats Refill

Goofy Tails SKU: GTPL0638
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Goofy Tails Round Shape Cat Scratcher Bowl Replacement pads are made from 100% recycled paper which is free from chemicals. Not only will your cat companion love to curl up in this ultra-modern piece, but she’ll also love scratching away to help keep her claws strong and healthy! Tip If your cat is not interested in the scratcher use  some catnip, snacks, or toys to guide them to the board

  • REPLACEMENT CAT SCRATCH PADS: Designed to fit the Goofy Tails Round Cat Scratch Interactive cat toy offering a full play station for cats and kittens
  • REPLACEABLE CAT SCRATCHER CIRCLE (REFILL): Non-toxic, extra-thick cardboard so your kitty can get that extra-satisfying scratch. Cat scratchers help with filing down the nails of your cat and give them a place to scratch that will not ruin your furniture.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED REFILL SCRATCH PAD: Build with a two-sided refill scratching pad, the built-in cat scratcher cardboard can be flipped over to a fresh surface for double-sided use. 
  • EASY TO REPLACE: Each replacement pad of cardboard is easy to take out and replace. This cat scratching pad attracts the cat’s attention and their need to scratch. It's the perfect place for cats to scratch deterring them from scratching furniture.
  • CATNIP FRIENDLY: Attract your cat to use the scratcher by adding loose catnip. For best results use potent catnip.
  • Note: Cat scratcher bowl is NOT included.

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