Master Gogo Junior Plush Dog Toy | Squeaky Dog Toy (Multicolor)

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Master Gogo Junior Plush Dog Toy | Squeaky Dog Toy (Multicolor)

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  • CRINKLE & SQUEAKER: This crinkle toy for dogs is a combination of crinkle and a squeaker which makes noise and keeps your pup entertained.
  • INTENDED PURPOSE: This crinkle and squeaker toy will keep your dog engrossed and entertained.
  • INTERACTIVE TOYS: Goofy Tails crinkle toy is a three in one fun toy that interacts and plays with your dog in an all-fun and cheerful way.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Goofy Gogo Squeaky toy is made of non-toxic material and is chewable and safe to play with during supervised play sessions.
  • RECOMMENDED: This plush dog toy is an ideal fit for small and medium-sized dogs like Pug, Yorkshire, Pom, Spitz, Lasa Apso, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Indies, etc.

When it comes to playtime, your pup is a beast—so bring home these squeaky toys that can handle all that play! These plush dog toys are built to last through every play session with a ballistic polyester construction and stripe stitching for added seam strength, while a plush exterior plays up their softer side for all those naps and cuddles. These plushy toys for dogs have an in-built squeaker that helps in attracting your pet’s attention. The squeakers have been built with detailed seam stitching to help protect them from overexcited teeth. Plus, a reinforced backing material helps it stand up to light chewing. These soft toys for dogs are a perfect playmate to help give dogs the daily exercise they need, while you can join in on the fun too!

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