Lick Mats & Slow Feeder for Dogs | 4 Pcs Non Slip Dog Lick Pad

Slow Feeder for Dogs (7581057843350)
Lick Pads (7581057843350)
Lick Mats for dogs (7581057843350)
Lick Pads for dogs (7581057843350)
Slow feeder for dogs (7581057843350)
Slow feeding dog bowls (7581057843350)
Lick mats (7581057843350)
Lick Mats for dogs (7581057843350)
Dog Slow Feeder (7581057843350)
lick mats for Dogs (7581057843350)
Slow Feeder for dogs (7581057843350)

Lick Mats & Slow Feeder for Dogs | 4 Pcs Non Slip Dog Lick Pad

"Our puppy loves it. It’s durable and it keeps him occupied when we go out. 👏👏👏"

—Mahendra S.

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Not just for dry food, these mats and trays can be used for kibble, wet food, or raw diet eaters. Goofy Tails Goofy Tails Dog slow feeder & lick mats for dog tray set come with 2 dog lick pads with suction cup backs and 2 individually designed dog slow feeder trays. Each tray measures 5.9" x 5.9". Food mats and lick trays are made from bite-resistant and non-toxic ABS plastic and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Encourages slow eating for animal digestive health. Easy to clean using warm soapy water. The honeycombed-shaped mat is good for kibble eaters but when used with canned or soft foods, your pet’s eating will slow down even more. The mats and trays can be joined together for bigger eaters or for meals that have a mix of dry and wet foods. The lick mats can be used as a treat reward or as an additional way to slow down eating.

  • PERFECT DISTRACTION DEVICE: The 4-in-1 dog licking tableware set consists of 2 slow feed snack plates and 2 licking pads, which keep your dogs entertained and distracted during their bathing /grooming time.
  • HEALTHIER & SLOW FEEDING: The dog slow feeder has a surface design with four textures that reduces your pets eating speed and prolongs enjoyment, which reduces bloating feeling and improves health digestion effectively. Add yogurt, peanut butter, and spreadable snacks, raw, wet, dry, and liquid foods to your lick pad for dogs so that your pets can enjoy small amounts of food for a longer period of time eat slower and eat healthier.
  • MIX AND MATCH:  Slow feeder dog food tray and lick mat can be separated or combined into the desired combination, to feed more than two dogs at the same time.
  • FLOOR & WALL ARRANGEMENTS: Anti-skid design, prevent the pet food plate from sliding; Large suction cups design, can stick the lick mat to the bathtub, tile, glass, keep puppy still for bathing. Tips: Slightly WET the suction cups before putting them down on the tile floor or shower wall!
  • SAFE TO USE &  EASY TO CLEAN: Food Grade TPR and ABS material makes the lick pads for dogs easy to clean and work great for dry or wet food diets. The unique design is suitable for all dog breeds, making them easier to lick and reducing pet anxiety and boredom.
  • DOG LICK BUDDY: The slow feeder tray replaces a dog bowl, slowing down the dog's eating speed, and promoting digestion and intestinal health.

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