Goofy Tails Interactive Puzzle Toy for Dogs | Dog Food Dispenser Toy

GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0569
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Puzzle Toy for Dogs
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Goofy Tails Interactive Puzzle Toy for Dogs | Dog Food Dispenser Toy

GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0569
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20 minutes of puzzle play is equal to 30 minutes of exercise! Solve the problem of energetic dogs, so that pets are not interested in doing bad things, and at the same time, their intelligence is developed and improved. Dogs and puppies love playing with dog puzzle toys, The puzzle toy is a brain game that can highly encourage a pet's natural hunting instincts, and keep smart dogs trying to figure it out through steps, using their nose & paws skills. Dogs would get excited and active, they don’t feel bored.

  • DOG PUZZLE TOY FOR SMART DOG: Use this dog food and dog snacks to distribute educational toys to exercise the dog's brain, this dog toy is easy to operate and is very suitable for the Intermediate stage to exercise and develop pet IQ. Level 2 - Intermediate, Has added obstacles that require your dog to combine actions to reach their reward.
  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOY: Our dog puzzle toy has a maze turntable in the middle, only when the maze is turned to the right angle, the dog can open the hidden food under blocks. Three different difficulty designs and the 6-hole dog treat dispenser design maximize slow feeding time, even beyond 20 minutes.
  • SLOW FEED TOY: A slow feeder for dogs, and time to aid your dog’s digestion and prevent bloat, it is also a treat dispenser toy to reward your dog with kinds of healthy snacks. The slow release of food or snacks is great to keep your dog happy.
  • BOREDOM ELIMINATOR:  This kind of dog puzzle toy helps prevent boredom and related bad behaviors. It is suitable for training or playing alone. Dogs find snacks by using their paws and mouths will consume the additional energy of the dog to prevent it from doing bad things.
  • NON-SLIP & EASY TO CLEAN: The bottom of the toy is equipped with four non-slip pads, which can be fixed well during dog playing. Please do not use it on the carpet. The anti-slip effect will not be good; It is easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses, also dishwasher safe, and make sure all compartments are dried before using.

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