GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0527-Combo
Catnip and Silvervine for cats (7402700243094)
silvervine and catnip Toy for cats (7402700243094)
silvervine sticks | Silvervine ball | rope | catnip (7402700243094)
Silvervine and catnip toy for cats (7402700243094)
Catnip Cat Toy (7402700243094)

Goofy Tails Compressed Catnip and Silver Vine Toy Combo for Cats | Teething and Chew Toy for Cats

GoofyTails SKU: GTPL0527-Combo
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All toys are made of 100% natural plants, harmless, and very safe. 95% of kittens and adults cats will be attracted by nature silvervine sticks and catnip. Chew toys for cats can clean teeth and promote digestion during chewing. The interactive toys will attract cats to chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, running, purring, and purring, not only increasing exercise but also relieving stress.
Package Included:
1 x Silvervine Catnip Dumbbell
1 x Silvervine Catnip Mouse

  • Durable compressed catnip is less messy than loose catnip but still potent as can be
  • Attract cats with catnip to engage them to frolic, romp & play. The Combo includes Silver Vine & Catnip Stick & Silvervine Catnip Mouse.
  • Silvervine chew sticks for cats can effectively clean cats’ teeth, eliminate plaque and protect dental health. Cat chew toys are rich in dietary fiber which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate gastrointestinal health, and improve appetite.
  • Kittens and adult cats can be intensely attracted by silvervine and catnip on cat toys. Cats will start to chew, lick, run and play when smelling, it can help your kitten regulate its mood, relieve stress, and relax.
  • Goofy Tails is committed to creating healthy pet toys. According to a study, though 85% of cats respond to silvervine, a small part of cats may have no interest in it at all. Some cats might require time to warm up to the toy.
  • Age range description: All life stages

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