Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies

Monsoon Essentials for Dogs and Puppies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies
Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies

Goofy Monsoon Box for Dogs | Personalised Curated Supplies

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he Monsoon Box is a must have box for pet owners. At Goofy Tails we believe in #petsdeservethesame and with this box we try to ensure you have all what it takes to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our idea behind curation of this box was – ‘ Flea and Tick free health, odour free living and exercise and fitness even if you are indoors while its pouring outside ‘.

Activated Charcoal Freshener & De-Humidifier  There is a rise in the moisture content in the atmosphere and your furry friend is staying indoors most of the time. Activated Charcoal Air Freshener will act as a natural absorbent which will absorb the moisture, odor and keep the surroundings fresh.

 Grooming Products:

Fight Flea & Tick attack like a hero!
Flea & Tick Spray:  Population of parasites lead to rise in humid and warm weather conditions. These parasites can transmit deadly diseases to your pet. It’s important to keep your furry friend’s sleeping spot clean and free of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. Flea and Tick Spray comes to the rescue of your pet! It works effectively to kill and keep away these pests.
Flea & Tick Shampoo: Prevention is always better than cure, ensure this by having a regular grooming routine. Give pets regular baths using Flea & Tick Shampoo. This would help take care of the ticks and flea problem. Ensure to keep your pet clean and dry during the monsoon
Bath Glove: Helps in bathing the dog. Removes dead hair and also allows the shampoo to reach on the skin.

Towel: Since there is an increase in moisture content in the atmosphere to fight its ill effects, make sure your furry friend’s fur is anything but damp.

Waterless Shampoo: Another useful option is rinseless or waterless shampoo for a good cleaning session without getting wet. A quick solution for deodorizing and ensuring your pet smells good at all times. This shampoo can even work on detangling the fur.

 Hole Ball:  Indoor exercises can be employed to compensate for a lack of outdoor play time. A game of fetch with your pet are some ways in which you can exercise the canine inside your house. The downpour should not limit your pet’s scope of daily activities!

Dental Sticks: Keep your pet’s mouth clean! Functioning like a toothbrush, the dental stick enables your dog to use on their own. makes the healthy activity even more fun for your pup, using essential enzymes to supercharge the cleaning process.

Chicken Liver, Chicken Breast, Whole egg, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Spinach, Carrot, Black Bean, etc Cooked in Chicken Bone Broth

Although most dogs would wipe the Goofy Fresh bowl clean. Goofy Fresh meals – although being balanced would have different water %, nutrient %, and fiber %. Dogs don’t like too many changes in life. They are designed to be simpler in life vs HOOMANS.  Hence, we recommend a 5–7-day complete switch plan. Mix a small proportion of less than 20% on the first day of Goofy Fresh with your pets existing food. Slowly over the course of the next 5-7 days increase the proportion of Goofy Fresh and decrease existing food. Follow the visual guide below for a better understanding.

Goofy Fresh Packs are made in special food grade packets. Thumb rule of serving is your dog needs 2-4% x Body Weight in Kgs x grams per day. So if a dog weighs 20 kgs – he / she will typically require: 3%  x  20 kgs  x Grams = 600 grams ( +-10%)

For a younger dog / puppy – ideally divide over 3 meals. For Adult and Senior Dogs divide over 2 meals.  Here is the feeding guide based on weight of the dog. For any queries feel free to write to us at or talk to us on 8882445011

There is also a breed size and weight chart for reference. This will help you understand the weight / size category of your pet in-case you don’t have that handy.

For pets with allergies or gut issues – we advise consulting a VET. We also have leading Pet Nutritionists who can design and curate special meals and feeding guide for pets with gut and digestion challenges.

Serving Guide

Follow the feeding guide and portion the meals based on that.

Open the packet and put in the pets’ bowl and microwave for 40 seconds  or pour some hot boiling water over the food in the meal. Goofy Tails has some cool silicon and melamine bowls perfect for Goofy Fresh. You can always choose a pet friendly microwavable bowl from Goofy Tails.

For any dog or pet to get used to new food – it takes 5-7 days. Please refer to the How to Switch Guide. The idea is to mix previous food with Goofy Fresh and slowly keep increasing proportion of Goofy Fresh.  You can always mix some rice or existing food till your pet is completely happy and comfortable with the new switch (even though we are confident your pet will lick the bowl clean).

If packets are partially used or consumed – please seal tightly with a rubber band or strong tie and refrigerate, consume within 24 hours.

Please follow the graphics on serving guide. Dispose the packs responsibly.

Storage Guide

Once you receive the packs. Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration until the pack is not opened is not required.  With a shelf life of 1 year, you can safely store in a place away from pests, insects and rodents. 

*Do not use if the packet is leaking or puffed.

Partially Opened / Unused Packs

Once the packet is opened it should be sealed with a tie or rubber band and refrigerated. We recommend consuming the refrigerated meals within 1 day.



  • Special technology and steam cooked makes our food as fresh and stable for more than 1 year.
  • Special technology and human grade ingredients ensure it feels fresh.
  • No refrigeration required till pack is sealed.

1. Shipped PAN India via Air *
* excludes non serviceable remote pin-codes

2. Delivery time
- Delhi / NCR
- other states : 2-4 days. **
**Other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad , Chennai, Nagpur , Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata , Chandigarh and cities nearby : we aim to deliver within 2-3 days

3. Shipping charges
Prepaid: free
COD Charges ₹40 and free shipping order value above ₹999

4. Order Delays
 Delays can happen in events of rains , festival days and unforeseen situations** Certain PIN Codes are not covered. Company will update if not serviceable.


- COD charges ₹40 and free shipping order value above ₹999
- Only confirmed COD orders are shipped


Return or Refund will be done only if the: 

1. Item was defective/ damaged
2. Item received leaky, puffed or unsealed
3. Products was / were missing
4. Wrong item received

If the product is damaged or missing, visual proof (an image) of the damaged product/parcel needs to be sent to us within 2 days from the time of delivery.

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