Super Dog Flea and Tick Natural Wipes for Dogs 50 pcs

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  • Natural Ingredients : Ultra-soft Wipes to Comfort Your Pet & Durable, Long-lasting Material & Pleasant Scent, No Added Fragrance
  • SOFT & MILD TEXTURE : Super Pet Wipes are soft and comfortable, they leave no friction and discomfort to your pet’s paws, bodies, and delicate skin.
  • Cleans & Deodorizing : Free of Plastic Resins & Tear Resistant & Pre-moistened
  • SUPER CARE: Made with peppermint, Citronella & Clove oils
  • Pure Natural: Plant-Based formula for Dog use
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Here are more reasons to love these pet wipes: Clean off paws, coats, behinds, and more with these grooming pet wipes. Our gentle, plant-derived formula is made of simple ingredients and won’t leave behind a sticky residue. Made with NO alcohol, NO sulfates, NO chlorine, and NO parabens for a gentle, yet effective clean. Anti -Itch formula can give pets all day health care Alcohol and paraben-free ingredients ideal for cleansing the feet, mouth, ears, body, and bums cleansing These wipes have a deep-cleansing formula and contain moisturizing conditioners that leave your pet’s coat shiny. Our wipes (18*20 cm size ) are large enough to cover your hand and be used to wipe down large breeds. Also, they are thick enough to provide quick, easy solutions to manage dander. 50 pcs/bag works perfectly for a monthly supply and perfect for cleansing pets after walks, meals, oilet breaks, etc. Mild enough for everyday use

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