GoofyBox | Customised and Curated Supplies for Dogs

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  • Goofy-Box are custom curated boxes of pet goodies, treats and supplies. Based on the pet type, breed , age – the box is curated to best suit your pet.
  • Choose the breed size to best suit the products in the Goofybox. This Goofybox is for adult dogs. We also have Goofy boxes for Puppy Dogs and Cats. You can scroll down further and view boxes for puppies or cats.
  • With each Goofybox you not only pamper your pet but #giveback to the society and #animalkingdom by helping our partner NGO vaccinate 2 stray dogs against rabies.
  • A customised hamper based on age, breed and traits of your pet. After you place your order – our team will contact you to understand the type of pet, breed, age traits and your preferences. Once we receive the details : we will curate the box for your pet and ship it.
  • Curated Goodies of Treats, Toys, Accessory, Supplies and a Surprise me Product. We have multiple options based on your budget and type of box – please select and order one. When we contact you , we can also help you customise the products to best suit your dog.
  • Different boxes to best suit your pet , pet age and breed.
  • Special care on durability of products and quality of ingredients on treats curated in the box
  • We are confident of 100% satisfaction – YOUR pet and YOURS
  • Upto 20% off on Half yearly / quarterly subscriptions
  • Box can be used to keep the goodies we sent or to keep your own cosmetics, stationary or your pets supplements, brush and other essentials.  The outer box is a piece of art. Unlike other cardboard boxes – this one is a keeper.
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Tell Us about Your Pet

Answer some basic questions about your pet and we’ll get the box that’s just right for them.

  • {Suggestion - Zoey, Simba, Shadow}

  • Suggestion: (my dog loves playing fetch, she loves treats, don’t need a bowl can you put something)

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GoofyBox is a customised box of pet toys, treats and supplies. Based on the age, breed and traits of your pet and your budget, we curate and handpick treats, toys, supplies and essentials for your pet. We have a price range and type of box you can choose. You can also subscribe on a quarterly  / monthly basis to save upto 20%. You can also use Goofybox as good gift hamper for a dog / cat / puppy. You can gift it to your own pet or to a pet parent / owner in your networks. Goofybox is a combo of dog toys, treat and supplies or can be a hamper for your cat. You can also choose the puppy starter kit. The puppy starter kit comes with essentials for a puppy. Besides Goofybox can be the best gift for dog / cat / hamster or small animals.

Additional information

Breed Size

Large & Giant Breed Dogs, Small Breed Dogs ( <10kgs), Medium Breed Dogs (10-20kgs)

Goofy Box Type

Dog GoofyBox

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The #GoofyBox is a customized box for your pet. Based on the age, breed and type of pet - the GoofyTails team handpicks and curates goodies, treats and toys to best suit your pet. While you can buy just one box or subscribe on a monthly or 3 monthly basis and surprise for your pooch. We also customize boxes for occasions like Birthdays, Milestones and Special Occasions. With each Goofybox the #GoofyStrayCare vaccinates 2 stray dogs. So by choosing this box you not only pamper your pet but also #giveback to the society.

How it works.

Pick your plan. We offer DISCOUNTS upto 20% for longer term

Tell us about your pet (Weight, Allergies, and even toy preferences).

We personalize and curate the box and ship within 72 hours. Proceeds of the box help in vaccinating 2 stray dogs


By subscribing to the #GoofyBox. you save 20% and surprise your pooch every month. The Goofy Team takes special care keeping in mind the weight, age and breed of your pet. We also take care of special requests when you order the box.

  • Quality

    Special care on the durability, quality and ingredients of all the goodies sent in the box

  • Compassion

    Every purchase helps #giveback by vaccinating 2 stray dogs

  • Happiness

    We are confident of 100% satisfaction – Your Pets and Yours

  • Transparency

    Each product manufacturing, ingredients and material history can be tracked by touching base with us

  • Your Pet's Joy

    Each month – The Goofy Box is delivered your pet will be ecstatic

  • Personalization

    Each #Goofybox is personalized and handpicked – based on the age, weight, breed of your pet and your personal preferences


Purchase Goofy Box & Pamper Your Pooch

Goofy Tails Partner NGO get 2 Stray dogs vaccinated on purchase of each #GoofyBox


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Goofybox Puppy Starter Kit

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Rs 2,500/-

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Goofybox for Dogs

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Rs 2,500/-

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Goofy ‘Purrfect’ box for Cats

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Rs 2,500/-

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