M-Pets Soap Dispenser with Grooming Brush


  • This 2-in-1 bath tool can help wash small and medium cats and dogs or short-haired dogs
  • Easy use, easy bath, Flexibility – with or without shampoo.
  • Let your dog and cat enjoy the relaxing moment
  • It removes the frizz easily and helps the soap extend into the hair roots.
  • Non-toxic – safe for sensitive skin.
  • Color May Vary
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M-Pets Soap Dispenser & Brush essentials keep pets happy, healthy, clean and smelling great while accommodating day-to-day grooming needs. Easy-to-push button for dispensing shampoo. Rubber tips help lather and remove dirt from the pet’s coat. The brush can be used on the dry dog to remove dirt, dust, and dead hair. Gently massages in shampoo and conditioner during bath

The Soap Dispensing Brush is great for giving your dog a bath and a massage at the same time! Simply remove scrubber from the handle and add your favorite pet shampoo. Soap easily disperses from the head of the brush lathering your pet to the maximum. To fill the soap dispensing brush, simply remove scrubber from the handle by folding the edges over and set the piece aside. Add your favorite pet shampoo to handle compartment.

Before reattaching the scrubber, wet the whole piece for easier placement. Invert the scrubber by folding the edges inward. Carefully fold the edges back onto the dispenser and tightly fasten. Wet your pet and the scrub brush. Grip product by the handle and work in circular motions on the pet’s coat. Squeezing the handle will dispense the shampoo from the specially designed cap as you groom and massage your pet.

Rinse and dry your pet as usual. Excess shampoo can be stored inside the product or rinsed out. To fill the soap dispensing brush, simply remove scrubber from the handle by folding the edges over and set-piece aside


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Slicker Brush

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Cat, Dog


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