Goofy Tails Cat Litter Disposable & Eco Friendly Tray -Pre-Filled with 100% Recycled Paper Litter Pellets- Includes Litter

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE – Goofy Tails Kitty Litter is made naturally with recycled paper making it extremely sustainable. It is completely biodegradable and is a product that cares about the environment that we live in.
  • 7X ABSORPTION & 3X SAVINGS – Due to the way that it is manufactured, this kitty litter has major absorbing superpowers which are 7X more than other types of kitty litter. Due to its ultra-absorbancy, it helps save costs up to 3 times than any other Cat litter.
  • OUTSTANDING ODOUR CONTROL – Say goodbye to bad odours. We love our cats but not the smells they produce. Be free of those odours. The high 7X absorbency factor controls even the strongest of odours.
  • FLUSHABLE & LOW DUST – Because of the fact that it is made from recycled paper, this kitty litter can even be flushed. It is also biodegradable. And most importantly it has minimum dust.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CHEMICAL FREE – Because it is so lightweight there is very low tracking. More importantly, it is light and not heavy. Keeping your house clean and you and your cat very very happy. It is also extremely safe because no chemicals are used in making this product.
  • WEIGHT OF TRAY: ±285g (empty); ±765g (filled)
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Goofy Tails paper Based cat litter will strongly appeal to discerning pet owners looking for safer, healthier, more natural and earth-friendlier litter alternatives for their cats. There are many different types of cat litters in the marketplace and common ones are those made from clay, minerals, and silica crystals. Paper-based cat litters are now gaining increasing popularity. Cat owners appreciate the numerous benefits of paper litter including its effectiveness in controlling unpleasant odor inside a litter box, compared to other traditional litters.

  • Ideal for happy and healthy cats – excellent absorbency, lightweight and low tracking
  • Great for the environment – 100% recycled paper pellets packed inside a paper bag that’s totally recyclable
  • 100% safe for pets and owners – made without any chemicals, Goofy cat litter contains very little dust. Hazards of dust from clay and silica litters are known to create potential respiratory problems for some people and their cats. Silica litter dust can also cause silicosis
  • High heat processing treatment for product sterility and stability, End product totally safe for pets and owners

7X Absorbent Power Cat Litter

We have a great solution! DISPOSABLE LITTER TRAYS PRE FILLED with 100% Recycled paper litter. Simply peel off the perforated lid, use as you would any litter box, then simply dispose! Large cat litter box design makes it comfortable for your furry friend!

  • 100% Recyclable Trays
  • Pre-filled Litter
  • 100% Chemical free Litter
  • Highly Absorbent Litter
  • Made from Recyclable Materials
  • Made entirely from Paper and Paper Pellets
  • Super Hygienic for your furry friend
  • Combo Cat Litter Tray / Pre-Filled 2 kg Litter Box

Suggestions for using Recycled Paper Cat Litter

Evenly spread Nature’s Recycled Paper Cat Litter inside a clean and dry litter tray to a depth of 5-7 cm.

  • Regularly remove solid waste with a scoop. Stir paper pellets to aerate. Top with fresh pellets as needed.
  • Replace the litter completely when odours become noticeable or simply replace the entire litter inside the tray once a week for hygiene reasons.
  • You may dispose soiled litter either by flushing down the toilet, or simply put it in the compost bin or mixed with the garden soil as mulch.

When switching to a new kind of litter, it is best to introduce it slowly over a period time

  • Fill litter tray with Recycled Paper Cat litter and the balance with old litter.
  • Over two weeks, change the entire contents of the tray, mix in more of Nature’s Recycled Paper Cat litter, until gradually the tray is 100% switched over with paper litter
  • We recommend using one cat litter tray for each cat. Cats are quite territorial and may not incline to share litter trays



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