Farmina N&D Grain Free Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Medium & Maxi Dog Food

From:  1,860.00

From:  1,860.00

  • Suitable for adult dogs of medium and maxi breeds
  • It is a complete food for adult dogs
  • High level of fresh protein, limited carbohydrate, low fiber formulas
  • Grain-free and Gluten-free
  • 98% protein of animal origin
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Specially made to avoid grains or cereals, 60% of the Farmina N&D Grain-Free Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Medium & Maxi Breed Dog Food consists of chicken. The remaining 40% is from nutritious veggies.

  1. Pumpkin is a typical vegetable of the Italian food tradition that has unique nutritional and many beneficial properties
  2. Antidiabetic, furthermore supporting low glycemic index feature
  3. Beta carotene source (Vitamin A) and other natural antioxidants
  4. Supports the immune system
  5. Active against free radicals resulting also in an anti-carcinogenic effect
  6. Promotes cardiovascular system protection
  7. Regulates intestinal motility & Anti-inflammatory effect


Fresh boneless lamb (24%),
dehydrated lamb meat (24%), pea starch (20%), chicken fat, hydrolyzed fish protein, dehydrated pumpkin (5%), fresh herring, dehydrated herring, dehydrated whole eggs, fish oil, pea vegetable fiber, dried carrots, dried alfalfa, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, mannanoligosaccharides, powdered blueberries (0.5%), spinach powder, psyllium (0.3%), dehydrated apple, powdered blackcurrant, dehydrated sweet orange, pomegranate powder, sodium chloride, dried brewer’s yeast, turmeric root (0.2%),


stages.glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, Marigold extract (source of lutein). Carnivore nature of our four-legged family members has always been a guide to develop scientifically researched food, according to nature. Dogs, in their natural state, consume almost exclusively meat and don’t need a high level of carbohydrates. Pursuing this philosophy we developed the innovative line Natural & Delicious Pumpkin Formula. A Grain-Free food whole range with a high percentage of animal ingredients (over 60%) and pumpkin, Vegetable with great nutritional properties.

IMPROVES SKIN & COAT– The product contains ideal levels of EPA-DHA that helps in improving Skin and Coat of these Dog, as they are at the stage of infancy.

SUPPORTS OPTIMUM GROWTH– This diet is designed to meet the specific needs of dog to promote growth throughout every stage of their life.

HELPS IN BETTER DIGESTION– This diet contains pomegranate that helps in better digestion of Dogs.

BUILDS IMMUNITY– The diet contains naturally sourced vitamins and minerals that helps in building immunity.


Pumpkin is a typical vegetable of the Italian food tradition that has unique nutritional and many beneficial properties:


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Breed Size

Medium Breed Dogs (10-20kgs), Large Breed Dogs (20-40kgs), Giant Breed Dogs ( > 40kgs )

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Special Diet

Grain Free, Regular


2.5 Kg, 12 Kg


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