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Goofy Tails Goofilicious Chicken Fresh Dog Food | Ready to Eat Dog Meal + Wet Meal Supplement | 300 grams ( For All breeds)

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Premium Dog Wet Food Selection for Puppies, Adults & Senior Dogs


Many pet dogs enjoy wet type food to cater to their tastes. Goofy Tails has these options available as well along with dry dog food. Kennel Kitchen & Jer High are the brands we have stocked up that serve up some delicious meals for your pets. Goofy Tails handpicked brands offering wet dog food for small dogs and for bigger breeds, for adults and seniors. We even have wet food for puppies. Many senior dog parents prefer wet food because it is easier for their senior dog to eat, the aroma & fragrance of the gravy is also much stronger and more tempting. You can also mix in some wet food gravy into your pet’s regular meals to make the entire thing more tempting & tasty. Wet food is packed in individual pouches for convenience and so they last much longer. This also makes it easy to pack when you travel. This collection of wet dog food includes offerings from reputed brands from India and abroad.

Kennel Kitchen: This premium wet dog food has Proteins, vitamins and minerals with recipes that are derived from regional sourced fresh ingredients that are farmed in the Netherlands. This dog wet food has superfood ingredients that boost immunity, strengthen joints, improve coat health, have anti-inflammatory properties and provide essential natural antioxidants. Suitable for dogs of all sizes & shapes

Jer high: This premium dry contains a fair amount of protein for fortifying the nervous function in dogs. Crude fibre has been added for maintaining a healthy digestive tract and good bowel movement. Jerhigh Chicken And Vegetable in Gravy Dog Food keeps the hair healthy and boosts the overall sheen of the skin.