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Dry Dog Food: The Best Brands for your Best Friend!


Dry dog food is widely popular now due to the convenience and ease it offers to busy pet parents in India. Dry dog food is safe, easy to store & stock up for a longer time. Dry dog food also promotes good oral and dental health as the dog has to chew and swallow the dry dog food. Goofy Tails has a handpicked selection of premium dog food brands in India that are extremely nutritious, affordable and safe for your pets.

Choose premium dry dog food brands that offer high protein, nutrients for a balanced diet for all shapes and sizes of dogs.

Kennel Kitchen: This premium dry dog food has Proteins, vitamins and minerals in fresh salmon & chicken recipes that are derived from regional sourced fresh ingredients that are farmed in the Netherlands. This dog food has superfood ingredients that boost immunity, strengthen joints, improve coat health, have anti-inflammatory properties and provide essential natural antioxidants. Suitable for dogs of all sizes having a grain free diet plan.

Arden Grange: Arden Grange dry dog food is a delicious feed suitable for all breeds. Made with ethically sourced fresh chicken this is a good all-round feed in the shape of medium-sized kibble. This dry dog food is great for easy digestibility, good skin/ coat, positive urinary health, strong immune system, and key dental hygiene, respectively. A premium feed for all breeds of dogs with a normal activity level. Arden Grange is a popular name when it comes to dog food and all their products are hypoallergenic, free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef, and soya.

Farmina N&D: Natural and Delicious is a popular brand that does justice to its name. This dry dog food contains high levels of fresh protein, limited carbohydrate, low fiber formulas. The product contains ideal levels of EPA-DHA that helps in improving Skin and Coat of your dog. Typically grain-free and Gluten-free with 98% protein of animal origin.

We offer premium dry dog food brands like Kennel Kitchen, Arden Grange, Farmina N&D available in rich exciting flavors for dogs of all shapes & sizes. We always recommend consulting your vet or pet nutritionist for feed size, flavour and feed type your dog needs, there are also gluten free and grain free dry dog food options available at Goofy Tails.

? Food is available for all size breeds : small size dog to super large size
? 1kg packs to 12 kg packs : Small & Medium size dogs
? Different life cycles For puppies to Adult to Senior dogs
? Super Saver Extra Large Bags also available