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Goofy Tails Calming Sleeping Beds for Dogs | Luxurious Anti-Anxiety Cuddler Round Dog Bed (Golden)

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Goofy Tails Washable Denim Sofa Bed for Dogs & Cats

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Dog Bedding Collection: Best Beds & Sofa for dogs

Some puppies like small beds to cosy into while some senior and bigger dogs like bigger beds to snooze. Goof Tails offers you an indoor \ outdoor bed as well as a sofa for your pet. Goofy Tails beds and sofas for your pets are washable & scratch-resistant. Filled with 100% Recyclable eco-friendly microfiber. Goofy Tails beds for dogs are Ideal blend of comfort and durable waterproof fabric. Goofy Tails beds for your dog are available in trendy colours which will surely become your pet’s favourite as soon as you bring it home.

Some doggies love to curl up in a tight ball for a snooze while others like to stretch out. Puppies like small beds to cosy into while senior pets tend to appreciate the benefits of our Orthopaedic dog beds. Whichever category your doggie fits into, HUFT offers you donut-shaped dog beds, lounger beds and more to give your doggie a comfortable place to nap. Some designs can even be personalised with your dog’s name on it! We also have pet mats that are can be rolled up and carried with ease, making them perfect for vacations or to lay them out in your car. Blankets and pillows are perfect to keep your pooch warm on a cold night. Don’t miss taking a look at the lovely designer HUFT x Shivan & Narresh collection.