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The Best Cat Treats


If you’re looking for the best cat treats for your fur baby look no further. Goofy Tails here have the best cat treat brands under one roof just for your cats. Cat treats are one of the best ways for bonding with your cat. Cat treats are also rich in nutrition and Vitamin E. As a cat parent, you can add small amounts to the regular diet and make their meals more interesting.


The cat treats are available in various flavors for your furball to choose from.


First Meow: Dogitos First Meow is a customized nutrition solution. It’s a healthy treat that can be used as a training treat for your fur baby. These treats contain zero fillers which are healthy for cats. First Meow consists of vegetable protein, corn scratch, salt, glycerin, and sorbitol.


JerHigh Jinny Cat Treats: JerHigh cat treats are high in quality and comprise of chicken, tuna, seafood, salmon, and gourmet. These cat treats are healthy and good for bones, dental issues, digestive system, and what a treat they are yum and delicious for your furballs.


We always recommend that you consider talking to your or pet nutritionist regarding the feeding size, flavor and feed type for your cat. It is available in different sizes like packs of 1, 2, 3 and 6. Giving your cat the best cat treats results in a special emotional and understanding bond between your cat and you.