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Pet Grooming Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Grooming isn’t just about keeping your pet looking good; it is more about maintaining your dog’s cleanliness and health. Grooming helps maintain both your pet’s physical health as well as appearance. To start with grooming, you can explore the pet shops in Delhi or your city. Plus, there are many online pet shops that sell dog and cat grooming products – starting with dog and cat collars and tags to brushes, combs and pet cleaning solutions.


When to start with pet grooming?


It is better to start with grooming your pet while your pet is still a baby. If you wait too long to start the grooming sessions, your pet may get fussy later on, especially when it comes to ear cleaning and nail clipping. You can begin grooming a pet when it is as young as three weeks old. A very useful thing about grooming is that it allows you to check your pet for any abnormalities, such as skin infections, ticks, fleas, etc. Starting early allows you to encounter these problems at the right time so that they can be treated right away. You can explore a pet shop online to know more about what all you will need to start with when grooming.  


Grooming professional or at home?


You can take your pet to one of the pet shops in Delhi or your city for professional grooming. However, taking your pet for a professional grooming session is not always possible, so why not learn doing it at home? While grooming is important, it is equally important that you do it the right way! Things can get really uncomfortable for your pet if do not know how to groom carefully and skillfully, and doing it the wrong way can severely damage the fur and skin of your furry friend. 


Here are mistakes that you need to avoid when grooming your pet. 


Not using the right tools


When it comes to pet grooming, using the right tools is really important. When buying things for a pet, people usually think dog and cat collars and tags are all that’s required. To be frank, dog and cat collars and tags are essentials of keeping a pet. You need to have the right dog and cat grooming products, to be an ace at grooming your pets at home. Using proper tools will make the grooming process comfortable and easier, for both you and your pet. So, to start with, make sure you have the right brushes, combs, and clippers.  You can ask a vet or you can explore a pet shop online, to know about the dog and cat grooming products, and also grooming tools for other pets.


Bathing too often


Unless your pet is too dirty or smelly, they only need bathing once every few months. Over bathing can cause a lot of problems, such as dry skin, irritation, etc. Also, when bathing your pet, ensure that you’re using the right pet shampoo.


Not rinsing properly


If your pet has a thick coat, you need to ensure that you wash off the soap properly as soap residues can cause irritation. Use good amount of water with little pressure to ensure that it penetrates all layers of the coat. Also, make sure you’re not overusing the pet shampoo. While rinsing, be sure to avoid getting water in your pet’s ears, eyes, or nose as it can lead to infections. Instead, try using a damp washcloth to clean their face.


Brushing your pet without drying well


Brushing wet hair can pull sharply on your pet’s skin, which can be painful. Plus, wet fur is also prone to breakage. It is better to brush your pet’s coat before the bath; and after bathing, ensure that its coat is completely dry.


Not grooming regularly


Grooming should to be done regularly if you want to keep your pet in the best of its health. Regular brushing is important, especially if your pet has long hairs. Clipping pet’s nails is also essential to alleviate issues like painful feet and arthritis.


Simply put, grooming keeps your pet happy and healthy, and also keeps health problems at bay! So start early with your pet’s grooming.

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