Turkey Parsley Treat - Description-2

Elevate your dog's snacking with Goofy Tails' Turkey & Parsley Dental Bones. Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, they offer irresistible flavor and essential nutrients. Enhance dental health, coat shine, and vitality. Vet-approved and made with natural goodness. Treat your pet to gourmet delight and wholesome nutrition!
  • 💚 India’s bestselling pet food, trusted by pet parents.
  • 💚 Approved by Vets
  • 💚 Brings a change in the pet; for good.
  • 💚 Made at health homes with natural ingredients.
Usage Guide
Breed Weight Quantity 
Small 0-10 KG 1 Per Day
Medium 10-20 KG 2 Per Day
Large 20-40 KG 3 Per Day

*Note: Use as a supplement to feed that meets your dog's daily requirements. Remember to feed the dog under supervision and ensure the dog has access to fresh water.