Tuna & Anchovies Cat Meals - Description-2

Elevate your feline friend's dining experience with our premium fresh cat meals from Purrfect Paws! Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and prepared to perfection, our meals deliver a symphony of flavors and essential nutrients. Watch as your beloved cat thrives with improved vitality, boasting benefits such as optimal digestion, a lustrous coat, and heightened energy levels. Indulge your cat's discerning palate with our fresh cat meals, transforming every mealtime into a gourmet adventure!
  • 💚 India’s bestselling pet food, trusted by pet parents.
  • 💚 Approved by Vets
  • 💚 Brings a change in the pet; for good.
  • 💚 Made at health homes with natural ingredients.
Usage Guide
Cat Body Weight Quantity per meal
Upto 2kg 1 Pouch
2-4kg 1-2 Pouches
4-8kg 2-4 Pouches